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Taggie blankets

I was about to make some when I did a search and found out I can’t make and sell them as I would be in infringement of Trademark and patent infringement.

So sewing loops of fabric or ribbon between layers of fabric is patented and the word Taggies Trademarked.

Good job I did a search first.

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Lots of people seem to be selling them, can you call them something else? I think though that there are also safety issues with these items, they may need certifying.

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Apart from certification, you can rename them? Kids stuff is a no no for me, too much trouble!

Yes I just noticed there are loads for sale on here I guess they either don’t know or don’t care.

Still I have plenty of other things on my list that I can safely add to my collections :smile:

Just goes to show research is very important

You can’t even make them and give them another name as that would be infringement on the companies registered patent.

Really! Lots of people make them?

Yes there are but they didn’t invent them and register the patent with the US patent office unlike the original company who came up with the idea did.

It is a bit of a tricky topic and takes some research and a lot of reading to make sense of it :smile:

The patent is registered with the US Patents office but there is no registration with the UK office. You could make these in the UK but are unable to sell them to the US. However the word Taggie is Trademarked which is worldwide so you are unable to call them Taggies or even call them Tag blankets.

If you can find and read copies of the cease and disease letter that the owner of Taggie sends out it refers to the US patent of the design and the worldwide copyright/Trademark of ‘Taggie’

Its a shame that they were even allowed to have a patent on ribbon folded between 2 pieces of fabric. For a long time these have been made by mums from labels out of clothing attached to blankets - once called ticket blankets. I believe Fisher Price even made similar products in the past.

As for the safety aspect as with all products that have play value and are aimed at children under the age of 14 they should be CE marked in accordance with The Toy Safety Directive

Hope this helps. x

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Eileen, @EileensCraftStudio - I would steer clear, apart from trademarks on the name the safety regulations are a nightmare - you would need CE certification which involves strength and flammability testing as well as making sure all your materials, right down to the thread you use conform to EN71 safety standards for chemical migration. It is possible to self certify but requires a bit of determination! This is true of all “toys” although many sell without either realising or caring that they should conform.

One of the reasons I don’t make toys to sell.


I commented earlier on the safety aspects, and this is why I don’t make fabric items that could be considered to be toys, it really is a minefield.
At local events there is a lady who sells “taggies” very cheaply, and they seem popular but I really doubt she has followed any regulations at all.

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