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Kite marking of items for babies

(Debbie Lawrence) #1

I am panning on making some taggies blankets for a charity to sell.

A friend then questioned if I needed to have them Kite marked as they are for use for under 3 year olds. Choking hazards and that sort of thing.

Does anyone know the regulations around handmade stiff for babies and does it change if I am not selling it and an organisation is?

Hoping someone can help.


(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

This may help:


(Debbie Lawrence) #3

Thanks, a bit of light weight bed time reading. Hopefuly I can fight my way through the legal speak.

(Debbie Lawrence) #4

After doing a fair bit of research I have discovered that taggies are a bit of a grey area.

Just for info for others

  • if it is in the shape of an animal or a face then it is classed as a toy and needs ce marking

  • if it is stuffed or has crinkle fabric in it , it is a toy and needs ce marking.

  • blankets are not classed as a toy and DO NOT require ce marking

  • some sites recommended contacting your local Trading Standards for advice.

(Liz Clark) #5

I would definitely contact your local Trading Standards for advice. If anything was to happen to a child with a taggie you had made you would want to ensure you had covered your bases in every way and TS are good for that. I also think you should check the word “taggie” as I’m sure I had read somewhere that that name is a registered trademark.

From my experience when I made toys, if the charity are buying from you to sell on as their own item, they then take the responsibility for safety on so they would need to check with their insurer on that aspect.

Best of luck!