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Time to Leave

I have decided not to continue with Folksy. I should say straight away that this is nothing to do with Folksy itself, although in several months I still haven’t sold anything via Folksy. I make gift boxes; various sizes and shapes of small boxes made from card and decorative papers. These are all fully finished items with lids. They are not flat packed and don’t require any unfolding or glueing or putting together in any way. They are complete and ready to use. I could easily make boxes which could be flat packed and required the purchaser to convert them into three dimensional boxes. This would overcome one of the main problems I have which is the cost of postage. It doesn’t matter that the box is very small - the smallest I make is just 5.25cm square x 3.75cm high, including the lid - they all have to be sent via parcel post. The reason I don’t sell boxes in flat packs is simply because I enjoy making the complete, finished box. But my main reason for not continuing with Folksy is not the postage problem, it’s the writing of descriptions and, even worse, photographing them. I find this such an unpleasant chore and the results never provide a satisfactory representation of the box.
When I sell in markets, people can instantly see how big or small a box is, they can pick it up, take the lid off and look inside, gauge whether it is strong enough for what they need and visualise the box being opened by the person receiving their gift. They can ask questions, enquire whether I could make a specially customised box - I can - and even suggest ideas for new boxes. There is no requirement for a written description and particularly not for photographs - the boxes are right there in front of them. And I like talking to visitors to my stall, even when I can tell they are very unlikely to buy anything. It’s really good fun. But I’m afraid putting my boxes on Folksy is not fun, it’s work. And it takes up the time I could be spending in designing and making new boxes and dreaming up new designs and methods.
So, although I’m sure that for many, many crafters, Folksy is an ideal way of displaying and selling their work, it’s not for me.
Of course, as I write this, we are still in the middle of the Covid crisis and none of the markets I would have normally used are operating. But, hopefully, this horrible period will pass and I will at least have quite a bit of extra stock.
So I wish all crafters good luck, a safe Christmas, and a happy return to normal life in the New Year.


That’s a pity. I do understand about listings- I hate having to do them too! Though on other sites it can be more complicated, Folksy is actually quite straightforward, and for the price of a craft fair and a half, i can have an online presence year round.
One thing I will add, as just had a look at a listing or two, is that you haven’t made use of the relist function, as I can see you posted some in September. In order to ‘get seen’, and be on page 1 of ‘boxes’ instead of page 25…you do need to relist your work regularly- Folksy allows you to do it daily on the Plus account. So I would say up until Christmas give that a go, relist every day to see if that helps?
The creating art vs marketing art is always a tricky one, and I would prefer to spend more time making than trying to sell, however I’ve learnt a lot in the process. Best wishes!

I’m curious about the relist function that you’ve mentioned in your post. I thought that once you list your items they are visible until they expire, and then you relist them by going into your expired listings and then selecting them all and clicking the “Renew” button.

I’m not aware of a relist function, is this something different?

@PoppyKayDesigns this is a feature of PLUS. go to dashboard - listings- manage listings. There you can relist whatever you want, once a day. The expiry date will then extend as well. This will mean it appears at the front of the pages for that category - even if briefly that helps, because unless someone searches on your tags, they might just look at the first few pages of the category.

Just like to wish you well and hope that everything works out for you. I must admit I struggle with the listing aspect - it seems to take me ages and I don’t seem to have found a quick way of doing it - yet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very sorry to see you go, Christopher. Your boxes are gorgeous, and I don’t see anyone else selling similar. I love the thoughtful inclusion of a matching gift card; and the box sets. But I can quite see that it’s much better for you to be selling ‘in person’ where the whole problem of how to package and ship them cost-effectively goes away; and I can’t think of a solution for that. I wish you very good luck with your excellent product.


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I can fully understand your problem about the postage prices, that only really works if you are selling multiples in the same package. Your gift cards are beautiful, you could always sell these separate in small packs, they are exquisite and unique, you wouldn’t have the same postage costs and as you already have your shop set up you could give it a try, at least while all the craft markets are closed.
Good luck, whatever you, take care and stay safe :slight_smile:

(I also think that it would be better to remove the bit in your ‘About’ section that says… I’m just starting to build up my shop on Folksy having moved here from E*** … etc)

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I really like your little gift tags, especially for Christmas, they look very nicely made. What if you sold them in packs, in a box? Or if you made them a bit larger to use as note cards in packs of say six, presented in a box. I know there’s a growing trend to send note cards and people like to have some in stock. Sometimes you have to diversify a little, to catch new trends.

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When we first started on Folksy we had very few listings which meant very few sales, this year our sales through Folksy alone has exceeded 300 sales.
The old expression you have to speculate to accumulate really does ring true.
As there have been no shows around the country which we normally do we have had more time to concentrate on our website and our Folksy site, we add new cards to our sites weekly to keep them topped up and hopefully of interest to existing and new customers.
We also relist every couple of weeks to keep us nearer the top of listings. This is an ideal time (although may be a bit late) to really swamp your site with new designs and as a “plus” seller the only thing it will cost you is a bit of your time. Don’t give up, try adding more listings at least until your “plus” runs out.


I’m a cardmaker who also makes some gift boxes but I don’t list them on here simply because of the postage, hopefully next year we’ll be allowed craft fairs again and you’ll make lots of sales :crossed_fingers:

Dear Friends
Many thanks for all your replies. I wasn’t expecting anyone to respond and am very touched. After reading the replies, I have decided to give it one more try. I will be trialling a new format which enables the boxes to be sent flat in a large envelope instead of a parcel as an ‘almost completed’, pre-folded box with the very small amount of remaining glueing being achieved by pre-fixed and tabbed double sided adhesive tape. So a complete box can be made up to the same standard as if I had made it entirely myself. I will shortly be uploading a video which shows the procedure and will enclose a guidance sheet with each pack. This will enable me to absorb the postage cost into the main product price.
I am also creating a box-in-a-box format which will have three, or perhaps 4, boxes of reducing sizes all sent within the largest box. This will have to go via parcel post and I am proposing to charge second class postage as extra, but the postage cost will become a much smaller percentage of the total cost.
I don’t know if either of these ideas will be successful but I think they are worth a go. I will also adopt the advice about relisting and note cards.
So many thanks everyone.


Glad to hear you are staying…your boxes are lovely x

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I hope your new ideas work. Its definitely worth a try to keep your shop going as your work is so unique, I’m sure lots will love it x

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I think I’ll be joining your path too I’ve been on Folksy now for a number of months and not sold anything however 3 of my items were selected for gift ideas (on the homepage) so I guess they’re not that bad hey! I too cannot be bothered anymore with constantly trying to make a sale by promoting all the time, I did have a shop On another platform which is slowly phasing out as my items expire didn’t do any good on there either ! :woman_shrugging:
Good luck :+1:

Excellent news! That’s why I love Folksy - you really get the support you need when you ask for it. I’m sure your new format will work very well. Wishing you the best of luck.:+1: