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No Sales on Folksy

Hello All.
Still no sales. Am I the only person not selling anything on Folksy…
Help …
Thank you

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Hi, I’m no expert at selling in fact haven’t sold anything since May, but have popped over to your shop and loved a couple of items, think there is a lot of competition at the moment. Hope that helps.

Thank you very much.
Will also take a look at your page.
Have not sold anything when we opened around 2019.
Thank you again…

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I just had a quick look at your shop, you’ve got a good variety of angles in your photos and your descriptions answer everything I can think of (particularly on the size information for the clothing, very helpful).
One thing to note though is that tags on Folksy don’t work like hashtags on Instagram. You don’t need to use a # and you should put spaces between words. If you just make those little changes to your tags it might help more people find your items (and hopefully get some buyers).


Hi there
I’ve been on F a while now but like yourself I’m not selling a bean I’m promoting all the time getting lots of views but that’s it :disappointed: :woman_shrugging: not sure why
I love what I do but I feel Like I’m Just wasting my time I was on another site too but that was even worse & I was not getting any views so I’m just concentrating on F I think the community R nice on here too
Good Luck x

Hi fellow crocheter!

I think your stuff looks fab. Just having a look at your tags too - on the “Freaky Doily” I would remove the tags supportsmallbusiness, supportlocalbusiness, madeinuk. We are on Folksy so it is a given that it’s made in the UK and also I think you’re wasting precious tagging space with the small business ones. I’d maybe add a rainbow tag to it, as opposed to just “multicoloured”, and something like boho, hippy, psychedelic, mandala.

Take advantage of the Inspiration section as well - why did you make it? Why did you call it freaky? People are interested in these things and it gets across some of your personality too.

I think your photos are fab…just a case of waiting for that sale now. It will happen!


Ah, @ThatCrochetLadyUK, believe me you are certainly not the only one! We have only recently joined Folksy (Sept, I think) and we have only just started selling bits and pieces here and there.

Yes, there is competition but there is enough space for all of us and even though we have more sales from other platforms, the Folksy community has been very supportive. I agree with the other comments, re: tags and I would add one more thing- customers getting to know the person behind the makes, is important for me as a buyer, I want to get to know you, it doesn’t have to be detailed, nor too personal but something about why you make what you make- maybe you have a creative history, a colourful life story, or you have opened your Folksy shop to keep you sane during lockdown!
Also participate in these Forum challenges- so many do ( I haven’t braved it yet!) but many get a lot of support and indeed this may lead to sales whilst everyone is ‘favouriting’ your pieces in a bid to encourage one another to be seen on the front page…just an idea.
In the meantime I have favourited some of your pieces- they are beautifully made and as @shazzeth a sale will happen.

Annie x


Although I signed up last year, I havent used Folksy much - I dont have much in much shop and have never sold anything, so I know that has a lot to do with it, but at the same time I feel totally overwhelmed and unsure of how it all works!

I’ve been on Folksy for just over a year now and haven’t sold a thing either. I’ve read most of the ‘advice to sellers’ pages and updated my photos too. I even promote my shop with links via Instagram and Facebook . I’m not giving up just yet and I’ve started to work on new stock items for next year but honestly, I’m starting to think of going elsewhere to give it try. :disappointed:

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Me too, although I’m new but my Etsy site sells ok. But I only have three freebies up to see any response, none so far. But I think Folksy is maybe more for handcrafted items and people are looking for those rather than framed prints which I provide (from original art tho).

Hi Julie
Two suggestions…

  1. why don’t you add the actual clickable link to Instagram …(it’s in your profile / website box) As you have it you would have to copy / paste to get to your shop. Probably just need to add the Https prefix to get it clickable .
    You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get to you.
  2. Why don’t you add your FB link to your Folksy shop front as you have for instagram.

You are quite right in that you do need to promote your shop for potential customers to find you. This is quite a big site nowadays and you need to get your megaphone out and stand above the crowd.
Joy xx

Hi Nick
I just clicked your social media links. IG and FB point to Etsy. Your Blog points directly to Etsy… which really is a bit of a nono… not really nice to get someone onto your Folksy page and then lead them to another shop.
Fuller shops are far more likely to be found by the search engines and that is how customers are going to have to find you as you are not directing them here yourself.
Hope this helps.
Joy xx

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@Unexpecteditems One thing I would suggest for your shop is adding a few more specific tags to your items. “christmas tree decoration”, “wooden decorations”, “hand burnt decoration”, “wooden chopping board”, “humourous chopping board”, “kitchen gifts”

It can be good to use a few multi word tags, and don’t be afraid to use the really important words in multiple tags (such as for you - wood, wooden, decoration). Remember Folksy tags don’t recognise singular and plural (or things like wood/wooden) as the same, so make sure you’ve got the common variations people might search in your tags. by using tags like “wood decorations” and “wooden decoration”.

Good thinking. Meant to check the tags and things but got distracted by a man at the door with a box of padded envelopes…
Certainly this one would benefit by having ‘Chopping Board’ in the title…

and what exactly is this one… not something anyone will search for… it cries out for the word COASTER in the title



Thanks Joy, for replying. Yes, you’re right, I did think I was being a bit sly there pointing to Etsy, but I have nowhere to show my work unless I pay for more listings, which I’m loathe to do unless I see more views/sales. But I’ll revisit the site and maybe take down my pointers to Etsy as it’s not fair to Folksy.
I’d prefer Folksy to take more of a cut but allow you to list all your stuff.
Anyway, I’ll relook generally… it might not be the sales platform for me, thanks again!

Hi, thankyou for taking the time to look at my shop and favoriting my items.

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I’ve had an account for a few years and still haven’t sold a single item!
I went for the Plus account thinking it may give me more exposure, spruced up my photos and still nothing. Getting very dejected and considering chopping all my makes up and selling the beads off.

No Crochet lady.UK … me too ! I have sold some items on Etsy, another sale today ! and even more on Face Book but the last item I sold on Folksy was August 24 th this year I I even invested in Folksy plus for a month listing heaps of new stuff but no joy. I’m obviously going wrong somewhere as other people are thriving ! good luck xxx

Hello Maureen,
Thank you for responding.
On Etsy have had a few sales too.
Facebook (Market) nothing, still trying to get used to this.
If we spend more money as Folksy, Etsy, Facebook and others suggests. Products not worth selling as it’s either priced out or we make a loss.
We like Folksy and Etsy too.
We are okay selling by word and mouth but come online it’s very difficult.
Thank you

Hello Rosy,
Thank you for responding.
Few crafters have told me to keep at it …
That’s what we been doing.
If I can work what’s not going right and what is, will inform you.
Would that be okay with you. That way we may be able go forward.