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Tips: Screen printing for beginners

Hello, I’m interested in branching out into some screen prints of some of my designs. I am on a tight budget so can’t afford any kits or fancy UV lights. I was going to make my own frames so am only looking for ink and Emulsion/Sensitiser at the moment, and a squidgy at some point too- I’m buying in bits.

I wanted to use the process of printing my design onto acetate and using that with the emulsion (Excuse my lack of terminology!) I don’t have UV lamps, so am looking for something that can be exposed under normal lamps… or my other question is can you expose them under day light?

The emulsion I was thinking of buying is Jacquard Diazo Photo Emulsion, does anyone have any experience of using it under non UV lights?

Me again- as usualy i’ve done a bit more re search and found my answer. But I’ll leave this here with the answer incase anyone else finds themselves in the same position.

Yes- The Jacquard Diazo Photo Emulsion can be used with normal lights. no fancy UV lights needed! Screen printing here I come!

Glad you found the answer - good luck and look forward to seeing the results :slight_smile:

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I’d be interested to know how you get on with the emulsion - I have one precious screen (with several images on) that was exposed for me at uni and have experimented a bit using screen filler - which gives a totally different effect - but I’ll need to get more screens done properly at some point…

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I’ll share my results here. I’m really excited. Obviously I don’t expect to nail it straight away but I’ve been sent a great blog of tips by the suppliers I’ve ordered from.
This afternoon has been spent putting together some of my Artwork into black and white designs ready.

So far I’ve bought the ink, the emulsion kit and the blade for a squeegee (Im sure my dad can make a handle as he’s handy with wood). I need a 200w bulb and some of the netting for the screens now though.

My plan was to start off with really small ones that I can use to make repeat designs and cards/prints, just to test the waters. I’ll move onto larger designs if the response is good enough.

One of my plans:


I’ve wanted to have a go at screen printing for a while now (embroidery takes such a long time!) but it’s a way off for me. Have to say that your design looks fantastic! Lots of luck with it and look forward to seeing more from you :smile:

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