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Transferring Etsy listings

Can I transfer listings from Etsy that have more than 1 item on them? Some of my listings have 4 options to buy.

Hi, yes you can. If you email folksy support with a cvs file of your Etsy listings they’ll upload them for you.

Cheers Lou

Hi there, we can import your listings from Etsy but you will need to add variations manually before you make your listings live. You can find details of how to import your listings here:

I imported my Etsy listings about three weeks ago and most of the variations also imported. Some were not quite right so you’ll have to tweek them. Variations on Folksy are not as easy to do - so allow time to do this. Also you’lI need to reconfigure / add some of the Folksy settings but I think I saved at least a week in time when the 120 listings were placed in my Draft listings page. Titles, descriptions, prices, shipping prices, tags, up to ten pictures were all there. NB it’s worth upgrading to monthly subscription on Folksy first to get all ten pictures from your Etsy listings transferred.

You need to download a CVS file from Etsy and email it to the address that the Folksy tech person gives you. Folksy were super quick in helping me and I’m very happy to be here!