Folksy Ltd

Tried twice to list, but it's not working - Is it just me?

(Sue) #1

I’ve tried twice to add a listing in the last 15 minutes but both times it has just continued trying to preview…one good thing though, even though the listing won’t hold, the photographs do, lol!!

Edit: Meant to say, it eventually times out and gives me a “something went wrong” page.

Anyone else having this problem??

Problem now sorted
(Joanne Joyce) #2

I’ve listed on firefox today and not had a problem, I stopped using IE because I had the same problem as you but as far I knew it was fixed. I hope someone else can help.

(Melanie Commins) #3

There are server issues at the moment so it might be that. I’m trying to buy things but can’t!

(Sue) #4

I just checked the listing I was trying to add earlier - I clicked on “preview” about 2 hours ago and I’ve been away, made a pair of earrings and come back - preview is STILL loading! :smiley: Got to laugh!

Edit: Meant to add - I’m using Firefox.