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Twitter hashtags

(Emma Wood) #1

Just thought I’d start a thread to inform twitter users of our promotional hashtags. Obviously there is the Folksy official hashtag of #newonfolksy which appears automatically when we tweet. Many of us also use #folksygifts around Christmas time.


Please post your twitter usernames so we can connect :slight_smile:

(Emma Wood) #2

I can be found as Emma Jane Wood @RitzySwish

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Thanks for the reminder Emma

We are already connected but this is me if anyone else wants to follow @hazelrayfield

(Little Ramstudio) #4

We are here @littleRamstudio

(Christine Shephard) #5

I’m @ciessetextiles but I don’t do much on twitter…maybe I should do more. I still don’t really get it and have never bothered much. Oh dear, I’m becoming a technophobe and I always said I wouldn’t :smile:

Any easy instructions on what/how to get more involved?

(Susannah Ayre) #6

Hi Christine.
To get more involved in Twitter it helps to get involved in the various promotional hours. For example Wednesday 7.30 till 9.30 is handmade hour. So if you tweet your creations during that time use the hashtag #handmadehour and follow that hashtag to see what other people are sharing and retweet/comment on their work.
There’s also #crafthour on Sunday nights at 7.30-8.30 if I remember rightly (I often miss that one as often at a family dinner) it may be 7-8 can’t quite remember. Works the same way as #handmadehour though.
There’s probably a specific ‘hour’ for your area as well which helps to get your name out there.

Try and tweet things with pictures and just things of interest- people prefer things to look at.
Generally try and pick up genuine followers and hopefully you’ll pick up some customers along the way.
I’ve sold to a few people thanks to Twitter so it does work! :blush:

Good luck!!

(Christine Shephard) #7

Thanks Susannah @curiousseagull, I’ll make a note of those and give it a go. Do I just add the hashtags onto the end of my post or do I have to link them in some way?

(Susannah Ayre) #8

No worries.
You literally just write #handmadehour for example- using the hashtag just means if I was to search #handmadehour in the search bar on twitter it will come up with all the tweets that people had made with that particular hashtag.
It’s often good to use specific hashtags depending on what you’ve posted in general. I often hashtag what I do, so I might tweet a photo of my latest creation and briefly say what I’m doing then write: #printmaking #linoprint for example. I sometimes hashtag where I live if I want to attract people in my area.

I know some people use it to hunt for customers- they’ll search for people and follow them, and if they don’t get a reply ‘follow’ within a few days they unfollow them- as you can only follow I think it’s 1000 people more than the followers you have.
I wouldn’t have the time in the day to pick up followers like that though. I just let it happen organically.

Not sure if I’m already following you- I’m on as @curiousseagull1 if you want to follow me I shall follow back & try to help out! :blush:

It’s strange getting used to it, but then it all suddenly clicks and it becomes really easy & can be pretty interesting- I’ve found some really cool people through twitter. Took me a good few months to decide I actually liked it though.

(Bizzy Liz) #9

Hello all, mine is @BizzyLiz77 I still find Twitter a tad confusing, but think I’m slowly getting the hang of it. My problem is forgetting #crafthour, I tried #craftflash, but that is very fast and furious. Off to follow you all!

(Detola and Geek) #10

Mine is @DetolaAndGeek
Will start using #folksygifts

Tola x

(Pauline Hayward) #11

I’m @PaulinesCrafts on twitter too.

(Su Mwamba) #12

I’m @TangleCrafts on Twitter - I try to tweet regularly but am really not that great with social media. Am just starting to get my head around hashtags, so appreciate this thread! :slight_smile:

(Shine On) #13

@Shineonshop reporting. I don’t understand Twitter either, but am trying to wrap my head round it all.

(Yvette ) #14

This is me -

( Carol ) #15

Here I am I think I’ve got most people but I will go and check through.

Also here is a list of all (as far as this site is updated anyway) UK twitter hours

Carol x

Edit: There was actually quite a few I wasn’t following but I am now!

(Silvapagan) #16

There are also hashtags for #ravelry #festivalofcrafts for the Maltings Fair, and just the usual #yarn #knit # #jewelry etc

(Emma Wood) #17

Just retweet the #folksygifts and #newonfolksy tweets, and then people will retweet yours x

(Emma Wood) #18

Found and following x

(Sarah Williams) #19

Great to know, thanks Ritzy Swish! :smile:

(Eskimo Circus) #20

Great idea to have some hashtags! We’ll definitely be using :slight_smile:

We can be found at