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Watermarking Photos

(Sophie Dockrill) #1


I’m new to this so hope this is ok! I have watermarked all of my photos but I appear to be the only one! Would it be better if I re-uploaded with no watermark? In the past I have had someone use my photos and claim it as their work so I’m a little paranoid!

While we’re hear I may as well ask- are my pictures up to par with the rest of Folksy?! I’ve yet to have a sale (apart from a few years ago when I first set up my shop) and since restocking it and revamping it I’ve had none! I should point out I completely neglected my Folksy shop for a few years until a few weeks ago so it’s technically only been up and running a few weeks. …

Thank you very much in advance :smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I understand why you have watermarked your items but is it possible to place the water mark in a more sympathetic position? (eg across a corner) I find the current position across the centre of the image distracting and feel that it covers the details that I should/ want be looking at.
Can’t say I’ve ever looked at baby stuff so I don’t know how your photos compare. They seem good to me but perhaps run a search for an item like what you make and scroll through the results - do yours stand out?

(Sophie Dockrill) #4

Thank you for the reply Sasha!

I did consider putting it to one side but thought that the image could be cropped… perhaps I’m being too paranoid!

I’ve tried to make it small but I think you could be right about it being distracting- perhaps it’s time to move on and get rid of the watermark! Definitely something I’m going to consider.

Thanks again :smile:

(Sophie Dockrill) #5

Ahh! I had no idea it was so easy to remove!

Thank you very much for your input Stevie, definitely something else to consider there.

(Ronald Koorm) #6

I always watermark my photos and prints. You have to do this discreetly, and try out different options.

There are people who copy images out there. Actually, Folksy make it easy to do because on my own website I can put a “No copying of image allowed” message when someone right clicks to copy an image. On Folksy and many other sites anyone seems to be able to copy or print anything, based upon my experiences. Pity.

Most people are trustworthy, but it only takes someone to download an image and forward it to someone innocently, for that image to end up across the world and making money for others, the copyright-holder being unaware.

There needs to be a balance struck between not putting-off genuine potential customers, and protecting your copyright/images.

If you sell prints, cards, and similar, I think watermarking is important. If you sell other goods, then copying of those images might result in those designs being copied by someone else.

A watermark won’t completely avoid that, but might make it more difficult.

Registering copyright can be done of course, but even that is no guarantee your images won’t be copied by others for financial gain. A watermark or copyright note on the image just makes it more hassle for the other person trying to copy and use your image.

Photoshop can remove some watermarks, but there are some tricks to make it very difficult to achieve completely, and the image is not worth using.

(Dawn Sneesby) #7

Don’t know anything about watermarking but love your shop Sophie - beautiful items.

(Minerva) #8

I agree, there must a balance between protecting your images and letting the customers see what they are buying. There are indeed, ways to remove the watermark, but let those unethical people spend the time and effort to do that work, instead of you handing your photos to them on a plate. I think watermarks should be tasteful, simple and not distracting. If anything, they help others connect the work with your shop name / brand. People see your images and then your shop / company name. If someone shares your photos without giving you credit or the link is not working, for whatever reason, they see your shop name and might google it to get to your shop. And someone can’t claim ‘oh I just found that photo online and doesn’t belong to anyone, so I am allowed to use it’.

As for Folksy, it is most likely that your work won’t be included in a Gift Guide. If you want to increase your chances, you might consider leaving a few photos without watermark, something simple to make or made of materials not easily accessible.

It’s really up to you what you want to do. It’s your work, your photos.

(Little Black Heart) #9

i always watermark my images before putting them on the internet. i just add text to the bottom right hand of each image, as i feel it helps to protect the image while still being fairly discreet. and i like to think (hope!) that most people are too lazy to crop the text out, although of course it would be easy to do. i know it still won’t necessarily stop my work from being copied, but it’s all i can do really.

having a small watermark on your images does not necessarily mean that it won’t be featured in folksy’s gift guides etc. - i’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my images picked several times in the past.

(Sasha Garrett) #12

One thing I have seen some people do very effectively is style their items against their branded packaging, that way people get to see how the item will be presented when it arrives and the branding acts as the watermark. Don’t know if something like that would be possible for you.

(Minerva) #14

I agree. Which sounds to me that they are sharing / pinning your image for their own interest, rather than to advertise you and your work.

(Sophie Dockrill) #16

Thank you so much! That’s so lovely to hear!

(Sophie Dockrill) #17

I did wonder whether it would limit my chances even further of getting in the guides, glad it didn’t for you!

I hope my watermarks aren’t too distracting or over the top… I think I may try to make a smaller more transparent one and see if that’s any better.

(Sophie Dockrill) #18

Thank you for all of your replies. I hope my watermarks aren’t too distracting or over-the-top! I might consider using a smaller, more transparent one and see how that goes!

(Liz Dyson) #19

I don’t know anything about watermarks and I’ve not had the kind of images that anyone would want to pinch from my shop. But, looking at our shop from a buyer’s perspective, the watermarks are a pain in the bum. Your items, on the other hand are absolutely lovely and if I knew anyone young enough to be reproducing, or old enough to be having grandchildren , then I would definitely buy from you. Good luck with your shop.

(Sophie Dockrill) #20

Ah, thank you very much!

Are they too big perhaps? The next item I list is watermarked, but I’ve put it at the bottom of the item so hopefully that will be an improvement!

(Liz Dyson) #21

I would say that putting them across the centre of the page is definitely a no no. Even though they are white, the eye is draw to the watermark and not the item.

(Sophie Dockrill) #22

Thank you for the lovely comment about my items!

Ahh, perhaps they are too big? My next item to upload is watermarked but I’ve put it on the bottom on the item where it is hopefully not in the way!

I’ve just had a quick look at your shop and wow, you’ve sold a lot! What a shame you’re closing down.

(Liz Dyson) #23

Thanks, @SophiesHandmadeBabyBoutique, but my shop has run it’s natural course - it’s time to move on.

(Stephanie Guy) #24

I understand why you have watermarked, but with any text on photos I find that I’m trying to read the words rather than look at the item, especially when they’re in the middle. When those words don’t add anything (I already know I’m looking at your shop), then I switch off and move on. Given the choice between 2 items where one is watermarked and one isn’t, I’ll look at the non-watermarked item first.

I personally never watermark, even though I’m an artist and my images are everything to me. I have had my work stolen in the past, but even so I don’t watermark - I honestly think that I’ve had more sales because there is nothing to distract the viewer.

I like the packaging option to show your items are yours. Or could you include some ribbon with your shop name printed on it? It would have to be something sympathetic so as not to distract, otherwise you will have gained nothing.

(Sophie Dockrill) #25

I’ve taken on board everything you’ve all said and come up with two alternatives! Where possible I’m going to use my labels as my watermark, like this! In fact, I’m going to do this from now on. Where that’s not possible e.g items that have already been sent off so cannot re-photograph, I’ve put the watermark below the item, but hopefully close enough to make me feel like it can’t be cropped too easily!