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Wedding fairs

(Jennifer Combes) #1


I had a call from the National Wedding Show today about exhibiting…it’s very expensive.

I was wondering if anyone has been to any wedding fairs and what was their experience like, was it work the money?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

(Lorraine Burt) #2

Hi Jennifer,
the national shows are mind blowingly expensive so I don’t do them. I used to do lots of local ones but haven’t for some time because I started to get a lot more orders via magazine advertising than the fairs and I resented giving up my Sundays!:smile:

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( Valerie Dockerty) #3

Hi Jennifer
I used to do wedding fairs a few years ago not selling the jewellery I do now but wedding flowers they were very expensive to do then. I found that orders I got would be in a couple of years time
But this was when there was no internet so at the time it was the only way to get known.
I don’t think I would do one now with my jewellery as I think there would be a lot of competition. And would cost a lot more than a craft fair

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(Jennifer Combes) #4

Wow fab shops!

Thanks for the advice! Caboodle Weddings- do you advertise in national wedding mags?

I read that it only tends to work if you are near the front or fit with a feature…and again the front can cost £1000s!

Yes Manchester show was £750ish and Birmingham was over £900.

Fine if I was established and going to get several weddings per month but I’m not there yet!

Looking forward to getting my pro photos done next month! Then I can look at advertising enquring to confetti and rock n roll brides so see what they say…

Thinking of doing a blog on marketing on what I have learned so far, might do it over the hols and share…its so hard to know where to invest your precious little marketing budget! :slight_smile:

(Lorraine Burt) #5

I’ve advertised in You and Your Wedding and Brides magazine for years but it is expensive. (you can contact me if you want an idea of what I pay). They don’t get me anywhere near as many orders as they used to but I’ve designed lots of new stuff for 2016 and changed some of my ads so I’m hoping for some results!! On the other hand if they don’t improve for me soon then I might stop advertising with them!!! Editorial is the best advertising but it’s hard to get :grimacing:

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(Jennifer Combes) #6

Thanks great advice.

I think I am going to go down the lines of a wedding blogger…but im still working things out. I think online is better for me than a mag.

Sorry- could you explain what editorial marketing is? Is that when they mention you in an article e.g if they were doing a piece on castle venues and they mention your castle?

Ta :blush:

(Lorraine Burt) #7

Yes, it’s when you send samples or photos of your work to magazines or websites and they use it for free in their features and give you a mention. The blogger idea sounds like a good way to go :grinning:

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(Jennifer Combes) #8

Hi I went with a wedding mags pacakge with a mix of features in the end! Will let you know if its any use! It uses online and paper mag so Ill monitor and see which gets best results!

(Lorraine Burt) #9

Sounds good Jennifer, good luck with it! :smiley:

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(Jennifer Combes) #10

Saw your add this month in You and Your Wedding Mag! V nice! Great spot right on the outside! :slight_smile:

(Lorraine Burt) #11

Yay! glad it’s being seen!!! how is it going with your magazine, is it out yet?

(Jennifer Combes) #12

Not yet, next few month and might be in Perfect Weddings too -as that’s the one that goes to the National Wedding Shows…see what price I can get to!

I’m re-doing all my website and stationery collections photos - professional this time! So about to launch that.

I think you got the best spot in there this month for sure!

I wasn’t sure about contacting Brides, they are the biggest magazine but they seem more focused on dresses.

Its been fun reading them all! Have you got any more ads coming up? I’ll look out for you :slight_smile: How are the new ranges going?

(Lorraine Burt) #13

Hi Jennifer, in my experience all the mags go to the national weddings show, they all use that line when they’re trying to sell space so don’t make your decision solely on that. Try a couple if you can. Also if you hold out long enough they do come down on price. If I’m ever doing a new ad I hold out for last minute space as it’s cheaper when they’re closing. I decide what size ad I want, get the ad ready then sit out!!
Brides are very focused on the dresses - I think looking at the last few issues, You and Your Wedding have had the better editorial look of the two which has surprised me.
I’m busy, lots of people liking my new stuff but as yet no sale via folksy, still waiting …:grinning:

Good luck with the website - it’s major work re-doing that and all your photographs, don’t envy you x

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(Jennifer Combes) #14

ooh good advice! thanks :slight_smile:

The only thing with waiting it out though is that I guess the good spots may get taken first?

Yes they do like to butter you up! At the end of the day price wins out so I wish it was all just a bit more upfront - its like buying a car each time you want an ad! In terms of haggling not price!! lol!

(Lorraine Burt) #15

It is a chance you have to take, try it with a magazine you don’t want to advertise in just to see how far they are prepared to drop their price! or put in a cheeky offer for the one you want, if they say no then you can still pay the price they’ve offered it to you for, so nothing lost. I’ve had a few cheeky offers accepted but the nearer you leave it to when they close, the more chance you have :grinning:

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(Jennifer Combes) #16

Whoop! Do you know you are in Brides Magazine that’s coming out tomorrow? Its on the stationery page near the middle on the mag, I think you are number 6! Well Done! :slight_smile:

(Lorraine Burt) #17

Hi Jennifer,
Just had a ‘lightbulb moment’ - I didn’t realise you were the featured seller the other week!!! I read the blog, it was great, my daughter was fascinated by the elephant poo cards!! I can’t believe I didn’t twig :blush:
I’ve got my Brides copy but sadly that’s an ad I pay for! I quite like the fact that it looks like they’ve just selected you cos you’re great - if only!! Hope the featured seller week brought you lots of work, sooo jealous :smile:

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(Jennifer Combes) #18


Lol yes it’s me! It was a good week thanks :slight_smile: I think people find the poo aspect interesting! That’s fab your daughter was interested !

Ah- I see yes I was wondering why they were picking some of the same stationery companies every issue! Well it doesn’t look like a paid ad! I have an add in too but its just at the back, got a last minute deal otherwise Brides is normally too expensive for me!

I am also featured in wedding ideas this month so we’ll see what the results are…be interesting to see how it works - I still feel social media is better if you can get the mags to chat about you as its instant feedback and other brides to be can see what others think too…

All very interesting! I hope your Feb and March were busy? Great pics buy the way - love the use of the typewriter in the background :slight_smile: