Weekly art chat forum - a query from Paulsart

hi please can you tell me whare the weekly chat is
because I can not find
from paul aka paulsart

Paul, click on this link and it takes you to the art chat thread

Not sure why @Louisa15 Margaret your link isn’t linking …

This weeks thread is here :

Thanks Hazel, mine’s come out more of a quote than a link! I did do it quickly at work so maybe I just didn’t do it right :smile:

              can you use a type of acrylic retarder
                       from paul  aka  paulsart

welcome to Folksy !!

Hi Paul, welcome.

There are a couple of replies to your question in the art chat thread, Hazel’s link works for me but I’ve added another in case it doesn’t work for you. The more the merrier!

I’ve also copied the replies here:

Do come and join us on the art chat thread, we’re a very friendly bunch.

I never thought I would come across the words “acrylic retarder” I never knew there was such a thing ,you learn something new each day! :smile:

       hi there is everybody all right toaday I have a new painting I finished
                     lastnight titled the river boat I do not know if you can post paitings here if anyone can tel me 
your welcome but the painting is on my etsy site also on my facebook site
                         my naïve art any comments to the river boat painting all to any of my paintings 
                                     your all welcome 
          but for now that's all
                                from paul aka paulsart

Hi Paul, here are all the instructions for uploading photos, it’s really easy on this forum.

Good luck with your art.

hi there can you tell me if you can post a painting on here and how do you do that
from paul aka paulsart

Paul, yes you can add photos, I added a link to the instructions further up the thread in my last post ‘Posting images that link to an item page’ . Have a read of them it’s really easy!

Basically when you start to type a post, you can see some icons just above the box you’re typing in. Click on the icon 7th from the left which says upload when you hover your cursor over it, and follow the instructions there.

          hi there this paintings is titled the river boat hope you
                                 like from paul
              thankyou margeret 
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Well done Paul, cute painting.

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Paul, please come over to the weekly art chat thread, so that people can meet you…

hi everyone it s paul here I hope you all did lots of
paintings here is my new one I did recently
hope you all like fraser scafe like my art so you all will
anyware here is the painting it is titled shed

Nice sky Paul.