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What Candle Fragrance?

(Choo Choo Crafts) #1

Help needed.

I’m in the process of arranging our wedding for Feb, and I would love to have some candles on the tables but I’m not sure if to have non scented or scented and if I have fragrance what to have.

Husband to be is not very helpful as he has no sense of smell at all, I was wondering if you kind people can offer some advice.

Thank you in advance.

(Leathermeister) #2

Will your venue allow lit candles is the first question. It is too tempting to have them yet not allow them to be lit. If you can have a fragrance I would suggest vanilla as its a beautiful scent and very few people will find it offensive. Hope that helps.


(Dainty Designs08) #3

plain old vanilla is my favourite candle scent, I always buy them, but I do know a few people who dislike the smell, personally I would go for unscented for a wedding, especially when people are eating, if they really dislike the smell it might put them off the food, or even better is those battery ones you can get now, they can look really nice and still give the feel of a candle without the smell, or risk of it causing problems if it where to be accidentally knocked over, you could wrap them in lace or satin ribbon for a nice wedding look

(Sandra Taylor) #4


I tend to agree that unscented or the battery type would be best. Not many venues allow them as they are a fire hazard. Battery candles in a nice glass votive would look lovely x

(Oh Button Me) #5

Battery candles are so much better when there’s lots of people about.

(Christine Shephard) #6

Not vanilla, I really dislike that scent, it would certainly put me off my food! I can’t imagine many venues would allow lit candles, so you will probably have to stick to battery ones. Children and candles certainly don’t mix well, and most other decorations such as ribbons, streamers etc are highly flammable.

(Choo Choo Crafts) #7

We can are allowed to have candles and lit as a friend is allowing my to use his 200yo country house as his wedding present to us. We will only have around 20 guests and strictly no children.

(Christine Shephard) #8

How lovely, what a generous friend! In that case, I would still stick with unscented candles, as there are bound to be people - like me - who don’t like whichever fragrance you choose :smile:

(Deborah Jones) #9

I would also say unscented , as many of the guests will no doubt be wearing perfume and the clash of smells could be overwhelming at a dinner table.
Hope you have a great time - exciting to organise !