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Would these work on folksy?

Hi, I’ve created a range of screenprinted candles, and I was wondering if these would work on folksy? What do you think? Im looking at re-opening my shop after 6 years

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Personally, I wouldn’t want to see some of these appearing if I did a search for, say ‘candle’. Suspect I’m not the only one!


See personally I dont like frogs so I wouldnt like seeing those in a search. But then I didnt ask if you liked them, just if people thought they would sell :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Helen, there is one that is particularly offensive which I honestly don’t think would work on here. Your other products look great though and am sure they would be a success.


I too think they would be better off on another selling platform! Perhaps your own website, Facebook page or a site selling items of the same calibre.

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I don’t think they are to sort of things that people would be browsing for (or that it would occur to them to browse for a candle with those phrases printed on them) however if you were going to promote them on social media and direct interested people to here then there is no reason why they wouldn’t sell. If you are looking to pick up sales from browsing traffic then I think the unprinted scents would work better.


See personally I don’t know why people ask advice when they don’t like the answers they know they’re going to get… Why not show us the unoffensive ones? Attention seeking?


There is a market for these, but I’m not sure Folksy is the right platform.

And saying you don’t like seeing frogs (which is a personal dislike) in a search is completely irrelevant. There are things all of us don’t like, but the words on these candles aren’t just about personal dislike, they are obviously 'offensive’if they have been put in a section of the shop called ‘the offensive ones’.


Oh, and you shouldn’t be linking to a selling site other than our Folksy shop on here.


I agree with everyone else, don’t think they’re right for Folksy.

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I think the best people to ask would be Folksy themselves as it says:
5. “Adult” and pornographic items
Items which are deemed to be pornographic or of an “adult nature” (interpretation of which is determined by Folksy) are prohibited. If unsure you are recommended to contact us before listing.


I personally really like your products!
Beautifully photographed - I love the aesthetic and irreverent humour. Right up my street!
I think that the ‘C word’ is always going to be controversial though and possibly not right for Folksy which can be a bit safe, in a knitted-mitten sort of way :slight_smile:

Don’t be discouraged by the feedback you’ve had in this forum. I think you definitely have a market for your ‘rude’ candles. It’s just a matter of targeting your niche customers. Good luck!! X

I wasn’t really commenting on the products, not having an interest in candles of any sort. I was more offended by the facetious and patronising reply to the first person who commented…