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What crafty medium dries clear

Ive been after some glossy accents for a while but its quite moocho moneyoh, I wondered if there was another make that is a medium that dries clear so I can imbed things in it. Not resin, maybe diamond sparkles. I used ot have diamond sparkles but got rid of it ages ago thinking id never use it (silly me)
Any ideas of what 3D glaze I could use.

You could try Diamond glaze by Judikins. Dries clear, can clean up with soap and water. I use it for making my glass cabochon jewellery. It is supposed to be dimensional, but I have never tried it for that. Dries to a very high gloss.

Got my smaller bottle from but you can get a big refill from Amazon.

Great thanks, Im off to a local craft shop today so Il take a look at what the have.

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I bought a 0.5fl oz bottle of glossy accents, Im currently experimenting with it.

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Good luck in your experiments!

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