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Hay all

So as Christmas is creeping up I need to start thinking of stuff I want to make for my family.
I have been looking online and seen resin jewellery and other bits. When looking online I have no idea what I need to buy and whats the best stuff is there a recommended item? All the bits I’ve found are american.

I love that there is so much you can do with the resin and would work with different ages.

Any help would be great

There’s something called ‘Crystal Resin’ by Gedeo that you can get in kit form if you want to start out simple. I haven’t used it much, keep meaning to. You have to be careful with your proportions or it doesn’t set. There are loads of molds online.

I use the Gedeo 2 part resin. It’s easy to use, just be careful when measuring. It keeps its clarity over time and takes embellishments well. Don’t be tempted to take your pieces out of their moulds too early though, it does need the full time to cure

Thank you for your replys

Yes this is the thing that worries me I spend money and I don’t measure it correctly :confused:
Going to take a look at the resins you suggested