What have you listed today (April)?

I haven’t listed today, but just trying this link thing out again

Oooh, it works! That’s so much easier than before :smile:

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Morning all!

I’ve noticed not everyone’s photos are clickable, some don’t lead to he actual listing. Any ideas anyone?

think I’ll just have to settle for posting the link as well, :anguished:

Not sure if this will help with the clickable photo upload but I’ll pop it here any way. The image will resize and might look a bit piddly/unreadable but if you click on it the full size image will open and might help with the upload.

Leanne xx


When you post your image, are you telling it the image link and the item link or just the one? Sian posted instructions to make it clickable, let me go and find them.

Here you are Posting images that link to an item page - you need to use the funny little arrow thing to post the image URL and click the ‘more’ button to be able to add the listing URL. Hope that helps.

Thank you, Dumbo strikes again :blush: I knew I had to be doing summit wrong, I just read some quick instructions at top of page, thank you I will giv it a try later. I must go and make some stuff, to actually put on here :smiley:

Suzanne :o)

I was just copying and pasting the address url of the listing straight into the reply box . Is the image link in the properties bit? im getting confuseled about the links …sorry :blush:

Yes, if you right click on the image you should get the URL of the image, it’ll say ‘Copy Image Location’ or ‘Copy Image URL’ depending on which browser you use. Click that, then just paste it into the box you get when you click the little arrow. Then click ‘more’ to find the place to put the actual item URL. It’s not as simple as some systems but it’s a whole lot easier than it used to be!

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Here’s my new listing


There were 2 sets of instructions, not surprised you got confused! One set is just for posting an image, one for an image with a link to the item listing.

Good afternoon, new listing from me today, it’s part of my Cornwall Collection of art prints - this listing is for the print only, not including the frame:


Latest listing is a bicycle.

Off to decide now what to make next. Trying to get some stocks up while I have a bit of time.

I hope this is a clickable image of a relisting :)
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i also got my links befuddled and managed to mess up making a clickable link yesterday, so here i am to try again. i’ve been on a little listing spree today, so here is one of my new items:

…and i got it to work right first time. phew!
*high fives self


im still not sure I got it right , lets see

woohoo it worked, I better get more photographs done!

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High five!! :hand:

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Love the bike Joy :grinning:

Thanks Suzanne xx (now padding that out to more than 20 characters - could just have given you more kisses I suppose !)