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What to do first?!

Hello Everyone,

I have a shop called Bee Prints on Folksy. I have had bits of advice over the year or so the shop has been on here, some of which I have done, some I haven’t got to yet. Time is a major factor for me I have a full-time job and find it hard to put the time in with the shop, however I won’t give up as I love to make things/design things. I have learnt that you need to do things off-line, I have sold some things off line the last 6 months which helps.

When time is so short, it is about what to do first that will have most impact. When I do have the time to sit down to think about my shop, I’ve no idea where to start!!! Panic sets in.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Hi there - your products do look lovely so I would definitely keep going!!

From a general point of view (so not necessarily what YOU specifically need to do but just what I think makes the most difference in the broadest sense) I would say the most important things and the order they come in are:

  1. make a good quality product i.e. something which is technically well produced/ or artistically well designed; it can be niche or it can have broad appeal but if it’s the latter you need to have something unique or recognisable about your style (and this may not be visual but it may be the ‘story’ either behind you or your product)

  2. photograph it well

  3. know your target customer and ‘speak’ to them in their language - yummy mummy who appreciates handmade, working career girl with lots of cash but little time, professional man who values design, eco-warrior, older woman who loves to spoil her grandchildren etc etc etc. If you think your target customer is ‘anyone’, then you need to rethink (this was always the hardest thing for me to get my head around). Also, your target market does not necessarily look like or think like you. This will also help you enormously with 4)

  4. work out a competitive price that works for your market and for you so you make enough money to keep you motivated and experiment with new designs

  5. define your key search terms and work consistently at organic search engine optimisation

  6. promote vía social media

There are loads of other things todo but I think these are the key things, and without any one of the above, I don’t think someone can be successful within a handmade online store.

Hope that helps!

H xx


Thank you Textiletreasure! Great advice, they sound like priorities.

Rebecca :slight_smile:

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