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Who favourites my shop section

I just checked the ‘who favourites your shop’ section and I notice that I seem to have a few that say ‘anon’ followed by a number and if I click on them it just takes me to Folksy front page…are these people that favourited my shop but have now left Folksy?
If it is, is there any way to delete them @folksycontent ?

I had a check of mine and for the anons where I recognised their avatars I can no longer find their shops.

At least it isn’t just me!!..
I have a total of 17 of them …it would be nice if I could get rid of them if they are no longer on Folksy, but 17 seems quite a lot, although I did notice that the number of sellers on here did drop quite dramatically in the 3 months after Christmas.

I think people who have deleted their accounts become Anon on Folksy. If I look at my past purchases, some I made from someone who I know has left and closed their shop show them as Anon.