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How do i know if my shop / items have been favourited by others?

(Radged) #1

regards radged

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Hi Radged - if you go into your shop Dashboard and then click on Manage Listings you will see the whole list of your items. By each one is a number that shows how many times it’s been favourited.

(Christine Shephard) #3

And while you’re in your Dashboard, scroll down and on the left side menu you’ll find ‘Who favourites your shop’.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #4

Oo, hadn’t noticed that before (I really must explore a bit more!!). It’s cool. I didn’t know I had so many “favouriters” for my shop - how nice!

Just a side-note - one of the people that favourites my shop, has been a Folksy member since 2008!
Member since 2008/11/02

I think that’s fab. We should find out who the “oldest” members of Folksy are - it would be great to know that!


(Donna) #5

Hi Everyone,
I have just opened my shop, here is one of my new listings