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Who knew unicorns could bring so much joy!

(jennynewallstainedglass) #1

Isn’t it lovely when you get good feedback from a customer who has taken the time to tell you especially that they are thrilled! I am buzzing!

Got this lovely message on Facebook today:

“Can I just say I have just had the most beautifully wrapped parcel I’ve ever had!
The Post lady knocked on the door with a brown parcel and each layer was a delight. Thank you Jenny… The unicorn is divine too, the textured stripy glass is gorgeous.
Now, it was supposed to be a gift but I can’t resist hanging it in my own window, well the sun is shining.!!
Big happy smiles from me xx”

Who knew stained glass unicorns could create so much joy! :blush:

(JollySmall) #2

Well done, Jenny, I’m not surprised you were thrilled! It’s great when someone recognises all your efforts and doesn’t just take it for granted.

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #3

What lovely feedback Jenny. It’s always a huge boost to me when I get great feedback.
I have to say that your unicorns are gorgeous :grinning: and I’ve just favourited your shop. Beautiful work. :grinning:

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(jennynewallstainedglass) #4

Completely! It really is a boost. I have found the customers on Folksy to be just lovely people though… X

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(Karen Ellam) #5

Awww that’s such lovely feedback :blush: