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Lovely feedback - makes you want to cry!

I recently had an order that was a slight variation of something in my shop which I was happy to make up and off it went to its new owner. Yesterday I received such a lovely feedback message it brought tears to my eyes :). Does anyone else get stupidly emotional when a piece of their creativity gets lots of love?


That’s really lovely :slight_smile:
A nice comment, or positive feedback boosts your confidence doesn’t it?I always feel it helps me ‘get on with it’.

Sometimes the loveliest memory from a craft fair won’t come from the person who’s spent loads, it’ll come from the person who’s spent a long time studying everything on the stall, smiling and laughing, and who’ll say that they love my work, even if they only end up spending on one card. Knowing someone genuinely enjoyed what you made is such a wonderful feeling.


Awww that’s lovely Roz.

Any nice feedback always makes me extremely happy :blush:


I’ve had two lovely feedbacks on another site. It does boost your confidence because you know someone else loves the work.

I think it’s lovely when you get great feedback and a story behind the sale. One of the loveliest was when somebody bought one of my mini fairy paintings to be framed as a Christening present, I was so chuffed, :slight_smile:

I had 2 verbal comments, somebody was looking at some rubber stamped outlined Wonderland cards Id watercoloured in with bright colours and a lady commented " I like your style" I was chuffed, but taken aback, I didnt know I had a style.
Another lady asked if I took cards and I had to unhappily say no. She said that’s a shame. I got the impression she liked my work and would have bought a lot.

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I do! I’m an emotional wreck when it comes to feedback!!! Such a shame guest buyers can’t leave feedback though, they’ve sent me lovely comments but I can’t show them :disappointed:

I love getting good feedback, it gives me a boost every time. I’m not surprised your feedback was good Roz, I love your scarves.

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Well done, Roz that’s great. It is nice when someone appreciates your work isn’t it. Having just read this thread I decided to check for feedback from my recent sale and have found a lovely comment from my customer. It’s really cheered me up! Thanks for prompting me to go check.
Di :grinning:

Depending on the circumstances, could you say to the person, “I don’t take cards, but what I do for my other customers who want to pay by card, is for them to give me their details and I can raise a PayPal invoice and then post the items direct to you.” And then offer to pay postage maybe if they spend over a certain amount? I’ve done this before and it has worked. People like Paypal because it’s ‘official’ and they get some protection.