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Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice. I have just been approached via Facebook, by a pet boutique, wishing to purchase some of my cat collars wholesale.
I have searched the web for the basics and have my wholesale price sorted out but I am confused about other terms such as how I get payed, what would be my best method, is PayPal an option in these cases? Shipping? Who pays it?

Hoping I can get advice about what to do, what not to do from people with experience.


Best thing to do is give them your price per how many and the shipping cost to them.

Wait for them to pay the invoice before you send the collar out to them.

Whatever you do don’t end up being ‘drop shop’ this is were they get an order are payed then pay you and ask you to send them to their customer ie an name and address not on the paypal invoice. You will not be covered vai paypal if you send to different address from that on the paypal invoice,

Simply treat them like you would any other customer. Send them the invoice for the amount they want with the correct postage. Once the money is in your paypal account ship as normal.

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Thank you for your help EileensCraftStudio, really appreciate the advice.

I personally wouldn’t use paypal for wholesale, due to the fees and reversal possibility. I usually do direct bank transfer for wholesale and gallery sales.

In most cases I pay the postage, but that is something you can decide ( depends how you have priced your items)

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Thanks DeborahJonesJewellery

I have a little gallery and I attend craft trade fairs etc to buy. The way it generally goes is the seller makes clear how many the minimum purchse will be, (you might decide it’s not worth your while for less than 25 items for example) then the buyer is sent a notice when the items have been made, the price in total and any postage in included there. This has to be paid before any items are posted out. Bank transfer is most often accepted.
Don’t forget that wholesale customers will need a profit margin, generally buyers expect the item to be sold to them at 50% of the normal retail price so they can make their profit.
Hope this helps.