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Why are my sales so low?

Help needed to improve my sales. I sell very well on other selling sites but I’m really struggling here. The display and wording is the same as on the other sites so why can’t I get any sales. It’s soooo frustrating. Can anyone help me please ?

How are you promoting your Folksy shop?

I’m not. Just on Pinterest. ( But I don’t with my other sites and do very well)

Folksy seems to be very quiet at the mo. I haven’t had a sale in a while and many others on the forums have said their shops are quieter here than other online marketplaces. I don’t really know why. I do know that most, actually all, of my friends had never heard of folksy before I explained I have a shop there. I’ve also found that folksy very, very rarely appears in google searches. Etsy and not on the high street both appear extensively though. That could be why your other shops are doing well. It isn’t your work, your tree faces are awesome and kinda make me wish I had a tree to put them on :slight_smile:

Those other sites may do different things advertising wise to bring in customers - e.g. Not On The High Street has a huge advertising budget with campaigns running on mainstream TV at Christmas for example.

Folksy does not have that kind of budget, so it is mostly up to the shop owners to promote themselves and network.

When I look on Pinterest most of your pins point to Etsy, so it would make sense that that is where people would go to. If you aren’t telling anybody you have a Folksy shop on Pinterest then no-one will know.


What are your impressions like? They will give you an idea of how many people browsing the site are looking for your tree faces, whilst anyone looking for that sort of thing on folksy will end up in your shop I’m not sure how many people just browsing the site will be looking for them. Because folksy doesn’t pay for google shopping ads if someone has searched the internet for ‘tree face’ your other outlets eg etsy (which does pay for google shopping ads) feature higher in the search results and so you end up with more traffic to that shop.

If you are using the very same descriptions on both sites google will classify that as spamming and will not show up your newer platform in this case folky.

Do not copy and paste

Also try directing potential customer to your shop here. If your social media link lead back to another site then of course that’s where people will end up.

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Can I suggest you try searching the forum for some of the promotion advice which is so freely given. You will find reiterated what Eileen and Liz have said. You need to direct customers to your shop here. If you only direct them to Etsy, via Pinterest at the moment then no doubt at all that is where they will end up.

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Hi Elaine

It is all about directing people to all of your shops.

I have the most sales here with Folksy as I mainly concentrate directing folk here because it’s my favourite place to sell.

However on the other side I get the odd sale trickling in but it’s mainly ticking by without much input.
It’s something I really need to work on, but it is quite tricky and time consuming focusing on both.

I never want to come across as spammy so I tend to limit myself to a couple of posts on social media a day.
That’s just my personal choice though. I know some folks are constantly plugging away.

It’s finding the balance that works for you.

All the best with your shop

Karen x

Thanks Karen. Very useful info. Could I ask you what social media sites you use. I have none and don’t have a clue how to start. Just like you I love this site the best, its easy and very friendly to use and I therefore would love to spend a little more time getting this shop going. I’m afraid I have put very little time into it but would love to turn things around and make this site one of my most shops. Regards Elaine

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Hi Elaine. Sorry to hear your sales are low on Folksy. There’s some great advice in this thread already and it’s definitely worth spending some time getting your head around social media as that can really drive your sales.

This blog post should be useful if you’re totally new to it

And this post points to lots more articles with tips for each platform

It’s also worth knowing that one of the factors Google uses to decide what results to show for specific searches (and where to rank them in the list of results) is the links into a product page or shop. So to boost the rankings for your Folksy shop and listings on Google you need to be linking into it. It would be great to get your work featured on some relevant blogs or online magazines too. Think about what you read and who might be interested in featuring your work - it’s really unique so I’m sure lots of people would love to post about it.


Hi Elaine

I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…

It’s not easy trying to focus on too many so perhaps just start with one or two to get a feel of things.

I find Facebook can be abit disappointing and I don’t tend to get a lot of visitor activity especially with the time I was putting in. Others swear by it though so it’s one to think about. Joining relevant groups helps.

Instagram is brilliant. Remember to pop those hashtags on your posts so people can find you & your items in searches.

Twitter is abit too fast moving, and can sometimes feel like no one reads your posts. I do like it though and I’m slowly getting more true followers which is nice.

Google + is worth a look. Easy and quick to add a post. Again works good with hashtags and there’s groups to join also.

Pinterest is really good. I’ve been getting a lot of views from here recently when I checked my stats.
I take part in the daily listing challenge on the forum where we support each other with promotion and it’s a great way of chatting & getting to know folks here. You are more than welcome to join us.

Karen x

Hello Elaine, I’m Elaine too. I have been on Folksy for a few weeks now. Getting lots of views and impressions but not one sale yet.

I make and sell crystal jewellery and it sells well at craft fairs and to family and friends, but on Folksy not at all. I have modified my key-words etc but to no avail. Wonder how long it takes to start selling on Folksy…
My Shop is called Crystalcraft.

Elaine The first thing I look for when someone asks why their sales are not happening is how they are promoting themselves. You have not set up any social media links against your shop and if you search this forum you will see that everyone says you need to promote if customers are going to find your shop.
Think of it like someone opering a shop down a side street in your town but not putting any notices out on the street that they are there and open.

Selling online is not like selling at a craft fair where you and your things are physically present. Online unless you tell people you are there they will not know to look for you.

Also, I hate to mention it, but I’ve checked your first two listings and your photos are not clear, not quite in focus I think. Again at a craft fair that is not a problem as the customer can see the actual item for sale. On line all they have to go on is the photo /s you provide so they need to be as clear as you can get them. There is lots and lots of advice in the forum about photos and everything else you can do to help you sell.

Hope this helps.
Joy xxx

Thanks for the tips Joy. Very kind of you to reply so fully.

I must admit I do not enjoy taking the photos. Must try to get them really clear if I can. So time consuming, but important. Will look at advice on forum too.

I will also get going and promote on social media as you suggest.

Many thanks for suggestions.

Elaine x

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Hi Elaine

I would second Karen’s post above. I have Facebook but I find it frustrating to use and its constant reminders to pay money to boost posts annoys me. However I LOVE Instagram. It’s quick and easy, the hashtags are a brilliant way to see other similar things, and there are lots of other Folksy sellers on there. I find it really inspirational to look at and a lot of my shop visitors come from there (albeit I’ve not made many sales).

Good luck!


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