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Widgets Thoughts

I have collected various widget codes to try out, from the Folksy widget department. Although I can probably install them ok on my website, I doubt if they will go on the blog. I use DotBlog software, which is integrated with my website and I can run both from my FTP facility and the blog’s own login. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to provide a way to use custom widgets like the Folksy one.
Just one thought on the widgets…the vertical ones really ought to have the Folksy banner at the top, not the bottom. Is it possible to re-organise the code so that the Folksy banner goes to the top?

Mmm, thought not. Looks like it’s too techy a question for the majority. I’d hoped maybe someone from top-side may have had some thoughts.

Why don’t you contact Support, Chris? They’re not as dumb as the rest of us :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that a lot of questions were best answered here. I did also sense, from reading other posts, that quite a few individuals might understand some technical issues.