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How many of you use the Folksy Widget on your own Website?

Hi Everyone
I really like the Folksy Shop Widget and I have it embedded in the Shop page of my own website rather then creating my own shop. I have noticed that people are definitely clicking through. It’s easy to copy and paste the code in to the page with not much web knowledge but when I talk to people about it not many use it.
I was wondering how many other shop owners use the Widget? If you haven’t discovered it yet then its in the menu under shop settings.


I don’t, I think it glitched when I tried before, but you’ve reminded me to give it another try!

It’s worth giving it a go again. I’m using a Wordpress Template. Some of the grids work better than others. The 3 x 3 grid seems the best on my site, the larger ones cut off the folksy logo.

Yeah I’ve got it on my portfolio site, but it won’t work on my blog, which is, because they don’t allow code embeds on my plan. Ended up adding an image to the sidebar instead. It looks all right!

I tried it as a shop page but found it didn’t adapt properly to mobile - looked fine on my laptop but not on my phone or tablet. So now I have a mini version in the sidebar of some pages, and various buttons pointing to my shop or to different collections or items in it depending on what page the viewer is on my website. But I’d love it if the widget were more mobile friendly :slight_smile:

And speaking of mobile friendliness - in my actual shop on my tablet in portrait mode my logo ends up floating on top of my product photo (it’s fine on my phone, just not the tablet) - is this something that could be fixed when you have time @dougfolksy ?
I’m looking at the shop using Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

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I’ve got it on my blog :hugs:

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I don’t just use it …I have edited it so it gives me all 60 listings on my front page… I think it is brilliant.


Oh! I am so impressed, I guess you are confident with coding? I never thought about changing the code. I am surprised @folksycontent hasnt offered a bigger widget. It’s a great way to promote our work.

You can change what the widget gives you

So you can can adjust the 4/4 or 4/3 above to give a bigger range and the width and height obviously need adjusting to accomodate a larger number of items. I just took the biggest
range I could, expanded it to 4 x 15 and worked out dimensions to suit then stuck in into my Create website as a widget. No idea what I was doing but it worked ! .

Just checked and might need to adjust my dimensions… something must have slipped a little :slight_smile:

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Yes! I have the widget on my website, twice, one as an actual page like a selling platform and a small one on my contacts page under the folksy link button. They are brilliant!

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ahh, 'I’ll look at this. does anyone use it with Wix?

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My website is with Weebly but I think Wix is similar and it works well on mine.

Not that’s clever … I haven’t a clue about widgets far less a blog and as I don’t have a Facebook business page linked to my folksy shop them I’m in the ‘not allowed’ line! But if someone knows different, then I’d love to spend hours and hours getting these onto my photos - I love them.