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Now a paid up member of the False Widow club, the bite rotted a 2" hole in my leg,now reduced to an inch after a couple of months these little fellas are for real.
It wasn’t Charlotte although she had to go,if they can do that to me what could they do to my cat? Or for that matter a child.
Anyway pain in the butt as I dare not risk a knock cutting firewood for my studio as any further damage could leave me with leg ulcers,stupid thing is the bite is not at all painfull it just eats away at the flesh.
Hope to be back on Folksy soon.

Oh! James how awful for you. I’m afraid to say that I dislike spiders intensely and give them as wide a berth as I can. Glad to hear that you’re on the mend.

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How weird is that - I had a dream last night about being invaded by biting spiders, wake up and see your comment. Glad mine was only a dream. Hope you are back in business soon.

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That is awful for you! Hope you feel fully recovered soon. I don’t normally advocate killing things but I must admit I’m glad the weather has turned colder and am hoping for an icy winter to kill off the invading critters…

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Get well soon, that sounds so painful

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Oh heck glad to hear you are improving, hope your back to business soon.

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Hope you are fully recovered soon James it sounds very nasty, take care. I was only thinking the other day where you were, as not seen you on the forums.

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OUCH! poor thing - hope that clears up soon.

we had one of these blighters lurking round our bee boxes!

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ouch sorry to hear of your spider bite James I do hope your leg heals quickly.

I tend to catch spiders and let them go outside.

But I was bitten behind my ear last year most likely a spider of some kind while at a garage. I had a terrible allergic reaction to it, with my whole face swelling up with blisters and I looked like I’d done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

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So sorry to hear that James, hope it gets better soon.

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It was only defending itself,we all have the right to do that.Unfortunatly their venom can necrotise flesh so you can’t tollerate them around the house, I am one of the lucky ones as I have seen images of surgical incisions the whole length of a limb to remove the dead flesh so no matter what the tree huggers say (I am one myself) they can be dangerous due to infection and reaction.
I had two good things on my side, immune system and a doctor that knew what he was looking at and the implications.
Still a pain though as I need wood in this weather but can’t risk opening the bite up again while cutting it,ordered a new saw chain in anticipation though.

Had so problems with medication previous to that Dawn, side effects that left me feeling like the only thing I would have enjoyed making would have been war so I went to holiday mode, back soon I hope.

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Look forward to seeing you back James, we’ve missed your witty posts.


get well soon…we miss you on the art chat thread

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Oh crikey, how awful, take care, hope you’ll be back soon

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Thank you all for your posts and sympathy. One thing for sure,the Folksy community makes it worth being here so I shall just go with the flow and I do have all of you that give me loads of wonderfull support.
Once again, thank you all.


Hmmm,blisters sound like our old friend,have you recovered now? The antibiotics are worse than the bite are they not?

Fully recovered but I had 3 major allergic reactions in the same year 2 to antibiotic’s and 1 to the bite.

So yeah it was extremely painful

Strange, I only felt the initial bite and apart from looking ugly I didn’t know it was there,perhaps rotted the nerves with the meat. I know what you mean about the antibiotics though,made me feel gross and you have to cram in so many a day.
They are still lovely creatures with their glossy black body and bright red markings although I had to do a bit of research to identify them from the Black Widow (they have turned up at least once in Norfolk) but no red hour glass on the underside and a broad red band on the abdomen hence False Widow.