Win one of my ceramic birds!

Hi, I want to know whether people think my Blue Tit looks better on a white background or a grey one. I want to give people the options and have them vote and everyone who votes I will put their name in a hat and who ever gets pulled out I will send a Blue Tit to for Nothing - nada.

The only thing is I am new round here and I’m not sure how to show the two pics nor collect peoples votes and names? I guess if I knew how to post both pics people could message me with their vote? But how do I post up the pics and can I link it to my fb page somehow?

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Your birds are lovely! A white background shows them beautifully, but I also like the photos of the birds in your hands, as this gives a good idea of the size.

Lesley :smiley:

Thanks Leslie, I like your felted bag. I will post the pics on my fb page tomorrow for comparison, any idea how I attach them here?

I prefer the birds on the grey background - it makes the colours look more vibrant. Like Lesley I really like the shots of them in peoples hands (if only I could get the blue tits in my garden to do this).
This might help you with posting photos to the forum Posting images that link to an item page can’t say I’ve ever tried it though.


Had spotted your birds fluttering around Folksy already, they are lovely, especially like the little Jenny Wren.
Do prefer the white backgrounds as your birds ‘pop’ out at you, although do like the interpretation of the bird in a hand photos.

Just a thought, to help guide people to your shop from here on the forums it would be helpful to put your shop URL in your profile so when anyone clicked on your avatar here they could immediately click forward directly into your shop. There’s always a possibilty of a buyer reading your post :smile:

Hi Elissa,

I just found your shop (by going to Folksy and searching - perhaps you could add a direct link into your Folksy Talk profile?) I love the birds!! I looked at the photos for your blue tit and think they are great. The grey background does make the sculpture look more natural, but the white gives a good idea of the colours and makes it stand out nicely.

I love that you have a photo of the bird cradled in your hands - scale is a handy thing and it just looks lovely. I also think the “process” photo is really good - it’s great to see how an item may be made and it does underline the fact that it’s a Hand Made item!

Good luck with your shop!

LizzieMade Hand Bound Books

I like seeing the same bird on both backgrounds as in the case of your wren, also the one where the bird sits on a wooden surface. Brings variety and adds to the appeal … That are my thoughts, for what they are worth :wink:

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and advice, I will try and work out how to link my folksy shop!

Hi, love your birds, we have a blue tit nesting in one of our bird boxes at the moment:-))

Love all your pictures but think the grey one looks as though it is standing on something and not floating. BUT the one I love the best is the one in the pair of hands. Shows the size and colours perfectly.

I agree about posting your URL, I had to do the search through Folksy too, it would make it a lot easier.

Good luck with your shop.

Carol xx

Hi @littleRamstudio, thanks for your feedback. My Folksy shop address is in my profile preferences already, so now i’confused, why isn’t it showing on here for you guys to see? Any ideas?

Hi Elissa,

I’ve just had a little nosey around your shop :blush:
I think your handmade birds are fantastic.
I personally preferred the photos you took with a white background, and your birds look great cupped in your hands too.

Karen :grinning:

I can see your shop link from your profile, and the link works fine. :grinning:


To choose which photo you like using face book please follow this link and make sure I have your details for the prize draw

Anyone not using fb comment here. Good Luck

Thank you - hurray!

Thanks for the comments about the hands guys - yes I thought that was a good idea for an image too. Can’t wait to finish my accounts - yuk! - and have some time to have a nosey around everyone else’s shops too!

Beautiful birdies! I prefer the white background and the cupped hands photo.

Julia x

Found it!

It’s because you had put it under ‘website’ I was assuming that would drive me to your website and so hadn’t clicked on it :blush:

Where would you expect to find it? I’ve tried looking on preferences but can’t see where to tag it?

We were one of the few shops in the new forums test group and we all sort of cobbled together a way of linking to our shops as our Avatars didn’t do the job they had done on the old forums.

So under our profile blurb - the bit of copy you get to if you click the avatar - we pasted our shop Urls. This just makes it a super quick way of anyone getting to your shop without having to actually open your profile.

Hope this makes sense, feel the need to use hands whenever describing things :smile:

Ah ha! I think I’ve managed that now. Thank you!