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Hello I'm new to Folksy

(Sew Diverse) #1

Hi I’m new to Folksy and don’t really know how you go about posting things on the forum or chat . Any pointers will be great fully received and if you’d care to have a nosey round my listings and see if all looks ok that’d be appreciated too…I’m excited x thank you

(Wishesonthe Wind) #2

Hi @sewdiverse. Wish you all the best on folksy. Love your tulip bag…

(Gracie22) #3

Welcome @sewdiverse , you just go to the item you want to post and copy the URL on the top and then paste it on the thread “what have you listed today” and you will see your item and picture appear. Hope I have explained this correctly, off to see your shop. :slight_smile: Everyone is lovely here and very friendly and helpful :slight_smile:

(Gracie22) #4

your shop is really lovely, gorgeous creations, love your cushion with the birds :slight_smile:

(Birdandmonkey) #5

Hello and welcome. Your shop looks fab. The bird cushion is my fav.

(Sew Diverse) #6

Hi Gracie , thank you for the reply it’s much appreciated. can you tell me how I get good viewings on here as I need to increase my profile . Glad you like my bird cushion.x

(Sew Diverse) #7

Hi Birdandmonkey , really pleased you like my bird cushion and that my shop looks fab. Just starting out on here and hope to get my shop seen by many, when I learn how x

(Sew Diverse) #8

Oh wow I’ve just looked at your work it’s brilliant…I do applique pictures and cushions from children’s drawings it’s such a fun unique thing to do.

(Sew Diverse) #9

I’ve just popped to your shop…it’s packed with lots of lovely things…really inviting.

(Gracie22) #10

hi SewDiverse, i’m recently new here too, I tweet everything I list and also Pinterest and just join in generally here on the forums. Join in the alphabet game, it’s a bit of fun and a way of showing your lovely creations.
If someone for example posts an item beginning with the letter “A” then you would reply with … eg… “B for bird cushion” … and we all find that good fun and it gets your shop viewings. Then there is rainbow game another fun way of promoting your creations, just list an item from your shop with a colour from the rainbow, very very simple, fun and again a good way to get people viewing your shop.
Also there is a thread to favourite an item from the shop above, pop over to that thread and you favourite an item from the last person, so then your shop will be next to get a favourite (which means whoever is next has to view your shop to choose a favourite)
I do hope I have explained this okay?? and it has been a help for you. :slight_smile:

(Gracie22) #11

awwww thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

(Sew Diverse) #12

Hi I’m trying to find my way round Folksy …glad you love my tulip bag…that’s the very last of that fabric.

(Sew Diverse) #13

oh gosh yes it all sounds simple haha…not a very technical person. Once again as with FB it’s finding time to do it all xx

(Birdandmonkey) #14

Thank you. I genuinely love making every piece. Working with kids drawings is about as challenging and rewarding as it gets.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #15

I love your Appliqué! A very big welcome! Magsx

(Leathermeister) #16

Evening Helen @SewDiverse and welcome to Folksy. It won’t take you long to find your way around and if you get stuck just ask and I am sure someone will have the answer.

(Sew Diverse) #17

Thank you for that, I’ve rather a mad week workwise so hope to have time to start looking around at others on here on the weekend.

(Sew Diverse) #18

Aw Thank you for that…As have a really mad busy week this week I hope to have a good nosey round Folksy on the weekend x