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Critique my Shop/Social media etc

I’ve wondered for a while about posting this but think it may be useful to get feedback on both my Folksy shop and some of my social media. It’ll hopefully help me see things through different eyes! I’d also like to invite anyone else that would like feedback on their shop/social media too to join in here. Perhaps we can all help each other positively in this way?

I’ll set the ball rolling :slight_smile:
Here’s my shop:

And here’s my FB page:

What could I do better?


Hi Liz, your shop looks lovely to me :slight_smile: I have an idea for your photo’s, could you possibly put your little birdies on a branch? just a thought as I think it would look sweet x
I would also try and post daily on your fb page, I need to take my own advice :slight_smile:

Here’s my fb page

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I love the plain white backgrounds personally, @BigBirdLittleBird I would have more photos of your work on your Facebook page,
@TheCornishCoasterCompany love your Facebook page
Here’s mine :confused:

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Thanks Emma. Funnily enough I’ve recently collected some wood for the base for a peacock I’m working on. Good idea for the smaller birds too!

I do struggle with finding something interesting to say every day if I’m honest. I don’t know how to get around that. When I’ve posted things just for something to say, the reach is pretty low so I stopped. Even when I share links to other pages that I find fascinating (and relevant), it doesn’t seem to get much interest either. At the moment I’m working on a commission (the peacock) so I have even less to say! :hushed:

For your FB page I think your photos are great! I would like to know a bit more about what you like and don’t like, your life if you like in Cornwall etc. The beach looks like it’s a big influence, are you near the beach? Maybe take some shots of a sunset for example? It adds background to what you create which helps tell the story.

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Thanks Sue. At the moment with working on a large commission my photo rate is down on my finished products. However I might try a “Bird of the week” post and see how that gets on. Thanks for inspiring me on that!

Sue, your page is gorgeously full of colour with your products. From the interaction you receive on your posts I don’t think there’s much I could suggest to be honest! From a personal point of view I like to know more about the people behind the pages and what inspires them, maybe something like that if you think it would fit?

Thanks Liz, I also struggle with what to say so I try to post a pic of one of my makes daily, great idea about the sunset…I may try that tomorrow x

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Sue your fb page looks great and you seem to have a good amount of followers and your reach is much better than mine! I would say keep doing what you are doing x

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Hi, great idea, I could do with some advice - not managing to sell at all!

I think your shop looks lovely BigBirdLittleBird, I do like the branch idea too. Could you keep the images on a white background as the main shop pic so they all look constistent and add some shots with a branch or other natural background, such as leaves or flowers in as well?

On your Facebook page how about adding more WIP pictures?

Here is my fb page- - I seem to have no reach at all!! Any advice very welcome.

My shop page is -


Oop sorry! I seem to have linked my reply to the wrong thing! Will have a look at your shop too Emma! :smiley:

Thanks everyone, I would like to do more wip posts, but I need to get the help of my daughter on that one to take photos and she’s often busy!

Definitely more posts, once or twice a week, may seem like your getting nowhere, but you will

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I think your shop and fb page are lovely! All I can think to add to fb is maybe some WIP pics and maybe some showing where you get inspiration from?

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Ok thanks. Like you say I struggle for ideas as to what to put on! Do you think more posts would help reach more people??

I had had the same number of followers for eons, then suddenly, it went whoosh, I don’t really know the answer, but just keep posting, even if it feels like hard work!

I have just taken a look and find your birds are beautiful , a nice size etc
Would not change a thing in my opinion.

Would love some feedback! Have not sold anything on my folksy store yet so I’m a bit stuck :confounded: what can I do better??



I’ll come back and have a look at everyone’s shops later :smile:

Great idea for a thread, I’m in shop review mode at the moment too :slight_smile:

I think your birds are lovely and your shop is nice and bright, but I feel the birds get a little lost in all that expanse of white background. Do you use curves in your editing software? It can help to increase contrast to make the birds stand out more against the white.

Your facebook style is lovely, relaxed and chatty. I like that very much.

I love the work in progress close up shots you have on fb, could you include some like that as supplementary photos in your shop?

When you get an enquiry about for sale items that are commissions on your fb page you could maybe say that you could make them one to their own specifications if they would like that.

I always reply to every comment - the more comments a post has, the more it gets seen, and you can sometimes get a conversation going on your post. Not often, but every time helps you reach next time.

I hope that helps!

My shop is

My fb is

Emma I think you photos are lovely, the backgrounds go very well with the subject and you seem to be getting likes on them. I’d maybe add some close up work in progress photos.

Do you share your photos in any groups?

Sue if you could just pop round and do all my photos I’d be ever so grateful! What can I say expect wow. They’re wonderfully clear, bright and eyecatching. Unless you can get your work in progress photos to the same standard I really wouldn’t add them to your page, it would detract from the awesomeness of the rest of your page.

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The best advice I can give to improve reach is to share your post in relevent groups. If you search for “handmade” on facebook you’ll come up with several UK handmade groups for buying and selling. If I share a dolls house painting post in several dolls house groups my reach goes up by around a thousand.