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Yikes! My sewing machine just blew up!

It made a noise like a steam iron, fizzled for a while, short circuited and really doesn’t smell too good. I’m desperately hoping I can get it fixed, it was my mums and was a good solid one (Pfaff 1222).

Has this happened to anyone else? Did you have a happy outcome?

yikes sounds like you’ll have to replace whatever burnt out and check out why it burnt out ie frayed electrical wire some place

I hope it’s not expensive.

Oh no :frowning: That doesn’t sound good at all.
I hope it’s fixable :pray:


Oh heck, have you got a sewing machine maintenance shop near you? Hope you get it sorted .

Oh no! It sounds like the motor might have burned out. I hope you can get it replaced, it sounds like a good solid machine.

I love my Pfaff. I think I would cry if that happened!

I don’t know where you are, but I have bought a couple of machines from GUR sewing machines over the years. I think they’re based in Birmingham. They also do servicing and repairs and are very good and knowledgable. They are Pfaff agents too so should be able to source parts for your machine.

Oh no!! I hope you manage to get it sorted. I live in fear of this happening to me!:scream: