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My sewing machine may be on its last legs, your opinions please

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I did want to buy a bias binding foot for my sewing machine but my machine now has a burning smell.

I was making a skirt yesterday. I hadnt used my machine since before Xmas, I was sewing away, took the skirt away from the machine and without my foot on the pedal the machine stared to sew of its own accord at a crazy speed and there was a burning smell.
Silly question but do you think the machine is on its last legs? Ive had it for 27 years.

So annoying as Ive no job and have to be careful with the money I do have, plus I wanted to start new ideas with the bias binding foot, so the foot is postponed until I can either fix the machine or get a new one.

Does it sound like a machine thats on its last legs to you?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Sounds like an electrical fault have you looked at the lead they can often be replaced at a very cheap cost. check the motor it might require some machine oil.

Have you checked the foot pedal for lint and fluff given it a good clean and service. If it has fibres blocking it it can cause the foot pedal to get stuck in the on or off position.

Check your belt drive it might be wearing and need replacing.

Looks like your poor machine could do with some TLC

Often it’s just basic things cleaning, replacing worn parts and oiling with the correct oil in the correct places.

What make and model is it and do you have your operators manual to refer to?

If not try googling your make and model I know there are a lot of service manuals free to download on a large variety of sewing machines with helpful diagonistic information.

That’s how I keep my Singers going. Cheap parts and a quick clean/easy service keeps them going for decades and decades for one over 100years service.

Don’t despair not yet.

all the best

(Marg) #3

I had this same problem, the machine sewing by itself. It was the foot pedal which began smoking and actually scortched my carpet. So I got a local sewing machine repair man to come and fit a new foot pedal, the foot pedal was full of fluffy dust, which had caused the burning.
It was a bit spooky when it started sewing of its own accord, because the machine belonged to my late mother and I was just thinking about her when the incident happended. I thought I was receiving a message from the “other side”. Marg.

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

Haha!! Ive had some ghostly activity in the past and when the machine started sewing by itself I said out loud " If your a ghost can you just talk to me instead".

Il give the machine/pedal a good look and try to defluff it. Have to admit I havnt maintained it at all over the 27 years so it definatly need some TLC.

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Ive got rid of some dust and added oil, Il give it a try sometime today.

(Plumporridge) #6

If it’s a problem with the foot pedal, you might just be able to replace that. It’s awful when your machine packs up, it’s like a friend who’s there everyday and I’m very guilty of not going mine enough love and attention! I think I’ll get the oil can out today!

(Marg) #7

My machine was over 30 years old when it had its hiccup, I had only oiled it and removed the fluff from where the bobbin sits, never thought of the foot pedal building up fluff. Although I have bought a new machine, I still have the old one which belonged to my mum, and as she left it to me in her Will, I’m not ready to part with it just yet, although I’ve had it since 1976!!!.