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2015 Calendar

(Carol Lucas) #1

Hi everyone

Just wanted your opinions - I’m putting together a 2015 calendar with my illustrations, and I’m not sure whether to create a single wall planner that would be A3 in size, or 12 small pages that would be A5 in size?

What would you prefer? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Carol xx

(Leslie Morton) #2


Personally, I prefer a diary or calendar to be reasonably small in size so that I can fit it on my desk or in my bag. I use it frequently to record appointments and need it with me all the time so I don’t double book myself.

Why not do both, though? Then you will hit all the marks.

Kind regards,

(Marg) #3

I like a wall chart for my kitchen, so I can see the whole year at a glance and mark appointments on it. Marg. x

(The Unloveable Ones) #4

I got some Midi wall hanging ones from and though it was only a small print run I thought them good value.

I might look at a wallplanner type next year as that is what I prefer to use (currently get the A2 WHS ones).

Have you assessed your potential market? That might give you a better idea which to go for. I’ve even incentivised by including a voucher off next purchase with mine!

Best of luck. If you go for the wall planner, let me know who you go through!

Clare x