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GREAT selling tip has boosted my sales!

Hi folks,
Thought I would share my great discovery with you. I just changed the categories of my shop after a friend who was browsing explained how she searched websites). Instead of doing the categegories by type of object, I did gift guide categories (ie gifts for him, gifts for teachers, secret Santa gifts under a fiver etc to make it more shopper friendly. It seems to be working a treat and I can see from google analytics that lots of people are searching in a particular category for ages (especially adult humour!). Def worth experimenting with to boost sales. Cheers and good luck x


Morning Natalie, thank you for a lovely idea, i hope it works for you, i may just give it a try and see if it makes a difference in my shop too :slight_smile:

Lovely of you to share, Natalie! I always struggle with tags, categories and things - may have to look at mine again! :smile:

That’s an excellent idea and really good of you to share it. I’m going to have to use my imagination to come up with ‘Crochet Gifts for Him!’ but definitely worth a try. thank you. :slight_smile:

What a good idea! Well worth a try! Thanks for sharing the tip :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing! I have had a little look to see how I could use this and now have a new section for ‘Gifts £5 and under’, just to see how this works for Christmas. I was a bit surprised that my new section has 31 items in it!

Thanks for sharing this idea, I may give this a go as my last sale on folksy was back in 2014. I need to start selling here again.

Thanks Natalie @Mungbean - a great tip, I’ve changed the title of one of my collections to ‘Gifts £10 and under’ - fingers crossed it works :grinning:

Thanks for sharing Natalie, shall have to look into this :slight_smile:

Great idea, and thanks for sharing Natalie, I’ll have to have a little think about my categories :grinning:

Thank you for the great idea. I’ve just done some updating, but it will be a work in progress I imagine :slight_smile:
Update- I’ve had a sale this evening :slight_smile:

Looks like this is working for some of you, I’d better give it a try. Thank you for the top tip. :wink:

Thank you Natalie…I think this is great idea…I am going to look at my listings today…x

Thank you for sharing …great tip…

Thanks for sharing. I suppose like everything else when you really think about it makes perfect sense - but it’s one of those things that doesn’t automatically spring to mind :slight_smile: