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70th birthday ideas please?

(Liz Dyson) #1

My auntie is 70 next month and I would like to get her something handmade (of course). Sorry, no artwork as she is a professional artist herself so there is no space on the walls. Also, she doesn’t wear any jewellery, but if you have any other ideas, I would be extremely grateful. She likes sparkly/mirror type things. Perhaps a mosaic? Fingers crossed.



(Little Ramstudio) #2

Sara has some gorgeous mosaic work :slight_smile:

(Minerva) #3

I have this knitted bracelet with a bit of sparkle…

And a lightweight, but warm scarf…

Lots of other knitted things for ladies in my shop…if that type of gift interests you.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find something on Folksy!

(Liz Dyson) #4

Thanks, @littleRamstudio, Sara’s mosaics are lovely, but my auntie already has 2 birth baths in her garden. Golly, what to get the person who has everything?

(Liz Dyson) #5

I love your red scarf , @Minerva I’ll add it to the list.

(Funky Mosaics) #6

Hi Liz,
I have quite a few sparkly things including a rainbow mirror, hanging hearts, garden ornaments, (also see my sold items for things I can recreate to order like frogs, mirrors ) butterflies,to hang outside etc…

Good luck in your search!

Liz x

(Julie) #7

For a friend’s 60th last year I sourced a 1953 sixpence for the year of her birth and put it on to a charm bracelet - she was absolutely delighted. Your aunt doesn’t wear jewellery so maybe it could be added to something like a bookmark or a paperweight? Just a thought - they are fairly easy to obtain.


(Christine Shephard) #8

If she’s an artist, perhaps she’d like a sketchbook with removable cover…I have quite a few in my shop, and they are popular with artists. Or maybe a hand-dyed silk scarf?

(Susan Bonnar) #9

A keepsake box for all those special bits & bobs? Can be as sparkly as you like & personalised too!

This is just an example

(Jennylovessewing) #10

Hi Liz

I’m new to Folksy, just finding my way around and found your plea. I have some sketch books with textile covers for sale, might be just what you are looking for. They are very colourful with some sparkly threads and in differing formats.
Good luck with your shopping.

(Roz) #11

Lots of lovely felted scarves in my shop! Happy to make any colour as required.

(Mezzaluna) #12

We have some lovely presents which are practical too. Bags, berets or scarves. They are often bought as presents and many older ladies treat themselves too when we are at craft fairs.

(Joy Salt) #13

My glass is pretty sparkly, hangs in windows not on the wall and i have quite a good selection of different things at the moment.
Good luck, sure you’ll find something on Folksy somewhere.
Joy xx

(Liz Dyson) #14

I really like the sun catcher idea, @JOYSofGLASS, and I’ve found one that would have been perfect, but my auntie has net curtain in all of her windows, so that scuppers that idea. What a shame.


(Detola and Geek) #15

What about a beautiful handmade lampshade in an African print fabric

Also got more colours and designs not yet listed (in case your looking for something specific)- just send me a message

Also do bespoke using your own fabric too or can source on your behalf

(Liz Dyson) #16

Thank you so much for all your wonderful input - I went with a scarf from Rozcraftz.


(Stephanie Guy) #17

Being an artist myself I can’t add anything that I sell, but I can tell you what an artist might like:

  • a large keepsake box for all those unframed artworks,
  • another keepsake box for the loose paints,
  • a paintbrush roll similar to a knitting needle roll,
  • a really nice easel,
  • an easel table shelf thing that fixes on to the easel

If that list was useful I’ll come back and add more as I think of them.

(Stephanie Guy) #18

Aww shucks it looks like I was too late with my ideas! Glad you found something.

(Originality) #19

What about a silk scarf

(Lesley Adams) #20

How about a hand embroidered personalised handkerchief.