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What can I get for a man who turns 70 next month and has absolutely everything?

Morning, all. I need a present for my uncle who is 70 next month. He is horribly difficult to buy for as he has everything and I don’t normally bother, but as he is 70 and having a party, I thought I’d ask my lovely fellow Folksiers for some inspiration.

I don’t need a card as I have a seller in mind for that, but just in case please feel free you add your gadget themed cards as well.

Fingers crossed. I feel quite excited at the thought of all the lovely ideas that will appear here, as if by magic…hopefully.



I have a hallmarked sterling silver money clip , not listed yet - but could send you a pic if interested. It is £70 +p+p

Hey Liz, how about a customised soap set - everybody washes :slight_smile: Good luck with your search. I’ll be looking for a 95th birthday present soon for my partners lovely grandad (who still lives independently)

How about an original little piece of art?
All arrive in a mount, we’ve lots of images :slight_smile:

I don’t do many items for fellas, but here are a couple that might suit and won’t break the bank :smile:

Thanks, everyone.

@DeborahJonesJewellery, Deborah, I’m afraid your money clip is outside my price range.

@trawdensoapkitchen, Louise, I love your shop and the things I have bought from you were lovely, but I got him nice bathroom smellies for Christmas.

@littleRamstudio, not sure about the artwork as my auntie is a prefessional artist, and I don’t think here is much wall space left, but I am keeping the red setter in mind - they’ve had three over the years, but I would probably name it after the one that was around when I was growing up.


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how about a set of coasters either a mixed box or customised

or a handmade belt this one is pre sized but we can make them in any size.

Thank you Liz. Giggling to myself about what your uncle would think about a second toiletry gift in quick succession, probably that you were trying to sell him something :slight_smile:

My night scene paintings have been very popular with the Guys …

I even picked up a commission two paint 3 for a guy in his 70’s to give to his friends for Christmas

Hi. My first thought was a 35 year old woman then I thought, no… :stuck_out_tongue: . I have some lovely mosaic art in the shop that would be ideal. Some are functional, others purely decorative. How about a tray that can also hang on the wall?

Here’s a picture:


Would he like a leather notebook? I have several that men would like -
eg. a little pocket-sized one:-

or a more substantial pocket notebook:

or a few larger, desk-sized books:

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Maybe a bow made of British wool. I can make these in other size and colors too.

Men are always tricky to buy for!

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Does he enjoy wildlife and his garden? Bird house?

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Theremometer for garden/house


I feel your pain I hate buying for the men I buy for.

We had this problem with my dad - in the end my mum bought him an engraved pint glass with his name on which he was really touched with. And I did some word art using topics from his life (army, telling bad jokes, being a great dad etc) and he was choked when he got it.

I can’t recommend anything I do for your dad, but thought the above might help :smile:

Thanks, Hazel, I’m warming to the belt idea - I just need to get my auntie on the phone without big ears listening in to find out what size he is.

@lizdyson Get your Aunt to measure the belt from just inside the buckle to the hole he uses the most and give me that figure in either cm or inches then we can make sure it fits. Hazel

what lovely ideas ! will need to refer to this posy when looking for a male present

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Just in case you decide against the belt, can I offer you the idea of a tie tack?

These can be worn on a jacket lapel or on a shirt too - not just on a tie.

Hope you find what you are looking for,

Jacqueline x