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Gift ideas for birthday please

(Angela R Connah) #1

I am putting together a birthday gift for a 70+ year old male and would like to include some handmade goodies if possible. He is keen on gardening, nature, walking & history.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


(Hazel Rayfield) #2

I have lots of small landscapes and seascapes in my shop which make great gifts for men.

I paint Art In Wax so the pictures can be a bit if a talking point too, I have even got videos online of me painting so people can see how it’s done using hot wax and specialist heat tools :slight_smile:

I am on my phone at the moment so can’t post a pictures but this is my shop if you fancy a look :slight_smile:

All paintings are original and some can be displayed on an easel or shelf so no need to drill walls etc


(Angela R Connah) #3

Thanks Hazel,
I am familiar with your shop having browsed through it many times. I will go and have another look now :smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

Thanks Angela - I don’t include the mini easels in the listings but they do work well for the postcard size ones and can supply one if you would like :slight_smile:


(Minerva) #5

For someone who likes the outdoors, this scarf might be good:

(Angela R Connah) #6

Thank you - hopefully he won’t need one for a few months but thinking ahead, that’s a good idea :smiley:

(Stephanie Guy) #7

How about a painting of the gardener’s friend, a robin? These always go down well as gifts.

And I sell the easels here

(Debbie) #8

I don’t know if cufflinks would be something he would like, or wear, but I have a good range in my shop :smile:

(Jo Sara) #9

How about this bird bath. Great for a nature loving gardener :smile:


(Debbie) #10

(Helen Smith) #11

Something for the birds or bees in his garden from ?

(Angela R Connah) #12

Thank you all - these are great suggestions, I shall go and have a look at your shops.


(Little Ramstudio) #13

We have a selection of original country prints which are all supplied mounted, or if the gentleman in question likes dogs we have lots of breeds here and can personalize the print with the dog’s name for Free! Isn’t ‘free’ just great ?! :smiley:

Hey, the picture keeps disappearing?..

(Phoenixprojects) #14

I have a watercolour painting of a Cotswold garden.

It’s an original - this is the link


(Mr Turtle) #15

I can make you a custom made birthday card incorporating some of his favourite things :slight_smile:

(Angela R Connah) #16

I can see the picture OK - thanks for your suggestion…he’s lovely :smile:

(Angela R Connah) #17

Ooh, I see you have some paintings of Cambridge, my home town. I will drop by again later for a proper look. Thank you for your suggestion.

(Angela R Connah) #18

Thanks @MrTurtleDesigns I’ve already taken care of the card (that’s as far as I’ve got!) but need one for a 1 year old later in the year…I’ll be in touch :smile: thank you

(Angela R Connah) #19

Thank you all - I will drop by for a proper look at your shops and to do some shopping over the weekend.

Happy Easter all :sunny:

(Mr Turtle) #20

No problem, talk to you later then :slight_smile: