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800 sales this week

This week I reached 800 sales - 300 this year. I clearly remember exactly where I was when I got the email to say I had sold my first doll. I was so excited and I get just as excited when I get sales now. I have lots of loyal customers and I have made so many friends through selling on Folksy. It’s such a lovely little community and my customers are such lovely people. A big thank you from all of my little mice to everyone who takes an interest in them on Facebook and Instagram - your support is very much appreciated.


Congratulations, well deserved :tada:

Congratulations Martine! Well deserved. Your shop is gorgeous.

Thank you. I’ve set myself a target of 1000 sales by the end of the year but I’m going to have to work really hard to achieve it. I sold 500 things in my first 6 years and then this year it’s just gone crazy.

Your work is lovely - very well deserved :slight_smile:

Thanks Roz x

WOW that’s an amazing number, especially as your little micey folk look as though they are labour-intensive! Your shop is so charming, you very much
deserve such success! :slight_smile:

That’s just brilliant - mind you they are so gorgeous x

Thank you - you’re right, they are very labour extensive. But I love making them and they seem to give people a lot of pleasure. x


Congratulations!! They are beautiful little mice xx

Thank you x

Well done Martine, your mice and dolls are gorgeous, well deserved :slight_smile:

Well done! Lovely little mice :mouse:

Congratulations Martine! Well deserved. Maisy and Mo are so lovely and always beautifully dressed. I’m loving the Autumn theme.

That’s brilliant Martine. I love your work. xxx

Wow Martine! Super news, very well done!

Thank you x

Well done Martine. That’s a brilliant achievement :blush:

Karen x

Wow that’s brilliant Martine, I’m not surprised your shop is so full of wonderful goodies.
Lynn x :grinning:

Well done Martine. Your shop is so lovely. There is always something new. Great little characters.
Maureen x