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A question for the greeting card makers

(John Stead) #1

Hi Guys

I am hoping to offer a selection of greeting cards of my landscape photography.

I have ordered printed greeting cards before and never been happy with the quality. I am now thinking about printing my own images and fixing them somehow to the front of quality card blanks. Any thoughts on this and suggestions of the best way to attach securely?

One idea that I had was to use a temporary fixing that would allow the receiver to use the print elsewhere, perhaps in a small frame. this would extend the use of the print. Any thoughts on this and temporary fixing methods?


(Diane Burton) #2

How about the old fashioned photo corners that used to be used in photo albums if you don’t make a thick frame it should be secure enough, other than that I can only suggest using temporary glue dots although I don’t know how secure they would be or even if they would spoil your prints when removed.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

A friend of mine used to paint picture’s of flowers and used those type of cards then you can put the whole thing into a glass frame to hang on the wall, or remove the painting/photo to reframe.

(John Stead) #4

Some good suggestions guys, Cheers :smile:

Just wondering if I can cut slits into the corner of the card to hold the corner of the print? Possible a good solution but time consuming :frowning:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Yes you could with a sharp craft knife. Or a die cutter.

(Ronald Koorm) #6

I get quite a few buy my cards to frame them. A recording studio manager bought a lot of my guitars to do that. My colour abstracts are often framed by customers.

I haven’t seen the final result, but guess that they just framed the card with the picture adhered, or, because a number have a border, maybe trimmed the picture on a trimmer to remove that border before framing.

As regards temporary fixing, transparent photo corners can suit landscape prints providing they are not too big. They would be visible of course, on the card. Maybe there’s a secret-fixing version available ?

Printed cards can be permanently fixed with good quality, double-sided tape.

I tried the acid-free variety, but is a lot more costly, and have monitored using both acid-free and some non acid-free versions over more than a couple of years, and can detect no difference at all in the images.

It may depend on the quality and thickness of printing paper and inks one uses, though. I don’t cut corners there, and assume you wouldn’t either.

You have to be careful to avoid overlapping the tape, otherwise it can show through the image. Spray adhesives can be used, but are messy, and tape is really fast if you have a proper dispenser.