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Landscape Photographers?

(John Stead) #1

HI Guys

I’m working on creating a shop selling fine art northern England based landscape photography wall canvases, prints and greeting cards.

Can anyone offer any advice regarding this and Folksy?
I have already started building up my social marketing elements such as Fb page, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a WP blog. I’m hoping to use these to direct traffic towards my products.

Also I will hold a stock of professionally printed greeting cards but prints and wall canvases will be ordered/ printed as required. Is this the best way to go about it?


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(Stephanie Guy) #2

Hi John, there’s a thread here If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be? with top tips for new sellers.

Printing as you go sounds sensible, otherwise you’ll have too much stock!

The key to selling online is promotion through social media, once you’ve got that cracked you’ll be sorted.

You’re very welcome to join us on the Weekly Art Chat Thread - here is this weeks’ Weekly Art Chat 14th - 20th April 2014 and there’ll be a new one starting tomorrow (Monday).


(John Stead) #3

Very good suggestions Stephanie, already working my way through the tips :slight_smile:

I’ll visit the weekly chat and have a good read before I post :wink:


(Trevor Harvey) #4

Hello John, I’ll confirm that everything Stephie said is the right way to go - I only print as sold and the key to it all is promote-promote-promote… and if that doesn’t work - promote some more…

(John Stead) #5

Thanks Century21Art :slight_smile: