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Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of having greeting cards of my paintings printed. Iv been looking at some online professional printers but obviously it’s difficult to judge quality etc online without seeing them in person. Does anyone have any recommendations of good quality card printers that allow you to print multiple images on a small run? Iv looked at moo which allow you to print multiple images in packs of 25, anyone used these?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Louise :grin:

I use Sixprint and am very pleased with them. You can have as few as 10 of each design, but so long as they are in the same size, all your designs count for volume discounts - so for 10 off of 6 designs, you pay the rate for 60 off (if I’m explaining clearly!). I found their templates easy to use and they are quick, too.

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Thank you Helen, @HelenCliffordArt I will take a look at them. Do you usually order a proof first when you have a new design or just order them and hope for the best?


Always get a proof! :slight_smile:

I took the risk the first time, having used their template to set up the artwork, and proofed it on my own printer on photo paper, which I know gives me true results - but placed a small order. And it came true to my proofs. So no, I don’t bother. Having said that, it is a risk …

It might be worth seeing if you have an affordable local printer. I’ve found they can be more flexible on small print-runs than the bigger online companies. For online ordering I’ve got on well with and they do allow multiple images in the same order. I’ve just ordered some postcards from them because they’re offering 20% off for Black Friday (no code needed, they just take it off at the checkout).

Thank you @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker and @HelenCliffordArt, it’s a risk not getting a proof but Iv had prints done in the past so I can kind of colour match my images from my printer to professional printers.

Thanks @LDRIllustration I will visit their website today and take a look.



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