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A shopping basket question

Sorry I need some help I accidently put something into my shopping basket and I don’t know how to remove it.


Top right of your page you should have a “basket” icon. Click it and zeroise the quantity of whatever you nealy bought. It errors when I do that but it does clear the basket.
(Apologies to the shop who thought for half a second I was buying something from them while I checked the process)


Oh, I did this once - I think you have to look at your shopping basket and then reduce the quantity of the item to 0 and then it removes it. I remember having quite a hard time figuring it out.
I can’t remember if that is exactly what I did though xx

I can’t change it does it not work in all browsers. Really there should be a cancel button :frowning:

uggh I’ve refreshed and logged out but in IE it’s still there.

I just logged in via firefox and it says 0

This is so confussing :frowning:

I wonder if this is what happens when you see items “being bought now” on the front page for ages but they don’t then sell. There’s probably some frantic person trying to figure out how to remove the item from their basket! It certainly doesn’t sound like it’s easy to work out.