Folksy Ltd

My my basket!

(Minerva) #1

I accidentally added one of my items in my basket! I clicked on the wrong thing. How do I delete it??

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Just go into your basket and there’s a ‘remove’ button.

Or you could go ahead and buy your own item! :wink:

(Minerva) #3

I’d love to have it! But I can just make it and keep it :smile:

I have gone into the basket, but I don’t see a Delete button, only Continue Shopping and a note that I can’t buy my own item.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Maybe it’s different if it’s your own item. Try logging out of Folksy and back in again, it should clear it.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

I sometimes wonder if the reason we get unpaid for ‘sales’ is because people can’t figure out how to remove items from their basket.

(Minerva) #6

I logged out and in again…the item is still there. And it’s still listed in my shop. How odd, I thought it wouldn’t show.

(Minerva) #7

I got it…I changed the quantity to 0 from 1, then press update and it’s gone.
We really need a Delete button, clearly shown. A note…something!

(Christine Shephard) #8

It stays in your shop until the order is confirmed, which you obviously didn’t do! There is a ‘remove’ button on there somewhere, I recall seeing it when I was testing out the purchase process once…or maybe it was just the quantity I amended.

Even if the items stay in someone’s basket, it won’t recognise it as a sale until they confirm it, and they would know they’ve done that, it’s quite clear.

( Carol ) #9

Go to your basket, change the quantity to 0, then click update.