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How to empty basket!

I’m sure we have all done this? I accidentally entered an item from my shop in my bsket, and now i can’t get rid of it!
If I’m having trouble, buyers must do too, making it not a very easy process.
Can someone explain how to empty it, in fact Folksy need an empty basket key.


@Amberlilly I’m sure if you contact folksy they’ll do it for you. I accidentally pressed “Report This Shop” so I contacted folksy and they sorted it for me.

Oh thxs @PaulinesCrafts would’ve thought there was a way, unless I log out, but yes, I will ask them.x

There is a way, i know cos i’ve done it! Trouble is I can’t remember how without putting something in again! Think if you go to your basket you can either set quantity to zero or there may be a little x by the item.

You just go to your basket and remove the item, I think you put the quantity to zero, can’t remember exactly. I’ve done it a few times when I’ve almost impulse bought something then realised I don’t really need it and should restrain myself! :smile:


I have done this a few times just go to your basket and empty it easy. so annoying when you get trigger finger and it clicks on put in basket.