Folksy Ltd

A steady decline

I’m not on here to moan - simply to state figures and my disappointment in sales here.

November 2015 - 24 sales
November 2016 - 19 sales
November 2017 - 6 sales

Everywhere else is booming for me, my own website has finally taken off and I’m hoping will be the main source of my sales in times to come.

My promotion of Folksy has, if anything, increased but to no avail. I have renewed my Plus account for the final time.

Sorry not to be more positive.

Hi Sally,
The very same has happened with my Folksy shop. I started out in December 2013 and up until the end of 2015 had lots of sales and then the slow decline started.

23 sales November 2015
9 sales November 2016
3 sales November 2017

I just hope it picks up a little in December. Like you I have promoted my shop on different social media and tried everything to keep my shop interesting by adding new items. Luckily I have my other shop over the pond which is doing great with quite a few sales.

I love Folksy though and do hope it picks up for everyone.


Whilst you might be promoting your folksy shop more I’m afraid google is working against it - a quick search for ‘tweed kindle cover’ bought up your own website and a search for ‘lifecovers’ bought up your etsy shop first (after some insurance broker). Your permanent links on FB and pinterest also point people to your own website and whilst it makes sense to do that rather than here or etsy as sales there don’t incur commission it does draw people away from those shops. We must not be sentimental about our shops and if this isn’t working for you then it isn’t working for you no need to be sorry about that fact.

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I found it quite interesting looking back over the years. 2012 was the last good year when I sold 41 items in November. This year I sold 10, but between years have been up and down.
At least my November sales for this year are better than 2014, when I sold 8 :slight_smile:
Never mind :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sasha. I’m not apologising for my low sales or that Folksy May not be the platform for me, rather for not being able to bring a more positive note to other sellers.


I think the advice is to use your own website, if your sales can justify it, because you are in control of everything, from presentation, to stats and you exchange the fees connected with the website for listing fees. Customers don’t get drawn away to other shops etc. So if your website has become a success, all power to your elbow and don’t grieve too much over Folksy!

Sam x