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We are constantly updating our gift guides and looking for products to feature in new collections, so this is the place to come to see which guides we’re working on and what we’re looking for.

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When making your suggestions, please bear in mind that as well as great products we’re also looking for good product photography. You can find lots of photography tips on the Folksy blog.

As well as suggesting items from your own shop, don’t forget to suggest products you’ve seen from other sellers across Folksy that you think might make a perfect gift.


Hello, I’d like to suggest my Silversunbird jewellery for your ecofriendly gift guide. As well as creating wearable contemporary designs I’m trying hard to source materials such as recycled sterling silver. Thanks.

Hello, this original hand pulled print celebrates 150 years of Alice in Wonderland, and is my modern interpretation of stepping into the unknown.

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Hello! I’ve just listed Gulliver the safari cheetah and wondered if he might fit in well in the ‘gifts for travellers’ or ‘gifts for men’ guides.

Best wishes,


Hiya i would like to introduce you to - Ross the needle felted whippet, his quirky,unique and sourced from eco friendly materials.
Ross the whippet has been needle felted with love - made to order by fibre artist Caron Williams
Trading as – Essence of Tranquility –

Made from Jacob & merino wool needle felted by hand, this takes hours and hours of stabbing the wool with a needle. I usually choose to use a single needle as I feel it gives me more control but means it can take longer than using a multi needle tool.

Dogs will be made to order so may vary slightly but will be sure to be made with lots of time, love and care.

Ross the Whippet will measure between 10 - 12inchs from top to tail.

These are not toys and not suitable for children or play

Please allow up to 1 week for me to make your Whippet, if you would like it making in a particular colour this is no problem at all.

This beautiful Whippet sculptures can make a wonderful present, adorn a bookshelf or table. materials.


Perhaps a special bracelet for the Gifts for Her guide?

I hope the passion I feel for my metalwork comes across in these photos. This ia a bangle for people who don’t wear bangles - I thought as much about the sensation of wearing the piece, as the design.

Diane from Silverhares :smiley:


Would be lovely if you could include my fine silver jewellery in your gift guide!
It is all inspired by nature, and would make a lovely gift for a female garden or nature lover. There are some real leaves for sale, they have been painted with layers of silver paste, the leaf burns away in the kiln and the beautiful shape and texture of the leaf is left as a fine silver pendant. My shop is
I also think it would be great if you could feature I got a boy ragdoll from her for my grandson, really super quality and great personal service!
Thank you

Hello from another Jewellery Diane - love the leaves :smiley:

Hi Just starting up on Folksy again. My ‘Little Robin on a snowy branch’ card may go well in the Christmas cards gift guide.


Thank you, I’m new on here, still finding my way!

I’ve got some Christmas Cards in my shop which might go in the gift guide of Christmas Cards!

Hi All I’ve not ventured into the forums even though I’ve been on Folksy for over a year now. I’d love to be featured in a gift guide. Everything I make contains genuine gemstones and my favourite thing to do is wirework. Most of my sales are off-site and I’d love to increase my exposure on here.

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For the mens gift guide…

Hi Camilla,
I would be grateful if you could include one of my boxes in your gift guides, it has been a long lean spell and could do with a boost to kickstart some sales.

Another for the mens. I hope I’m doing this right, haven’t added before today!

And one for the women…

Hello, I thought this might fit with a few of your lovely gift guides: British Printmakers, Gifts for Animal Lovers and Gifts for Gardners. It’s a hand carved and printed woodcut of a bumble bee in flight. Postage in the UK is free.

Oops!, Im new to posting here. My post above should have showed my listing. Sorry!