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Suggestions for our new 'Unusual Gifts' guide please!

Hi everyone!

We’re putting together a new gift guide for unusual gifts, and I’d love to know if you have any suggestions. We’d like it to be filled with quirky and curious products that might appeal to people looking for alternative present ideas, the sort of things you might not find in other gift guides.

Here’s what the gift guide looks like so far, so you get an idea about the kind of things we’re after.

Post your links and a preview below.

As usual, we’re looking for great product shots (here’s a guide to what we look for):


This is always popular as a quirky gift:

And my Bunny Botticelli has been called unusual lol

I say take your pick from my fordite items. Fordite is layer upon layer of cured car paint from the old spray booths at the Ford factories (my material is from Dagenham) not exactly a normal material and since they changed the way they spray cars its getting much harder to get hold of.

I’ve also got some cabochons cut from old bowling balls (aptly named bowlerite) which I’ll be setting soon.


I love to solder dioramas or shadow boxes, I have this sewing one and I have a couple of Xmas themed ones too.

Can I also nominate anything by Twinkle and Gloom. She is a brilliant illustrator and really has discovered her own style. She isnt afraid to take a less than glamorous subject, and make it into something beautiful.


A couple of slightly different items here


A modern quirky necklace

Lots more in my shop too! :smile:

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I think my door stops are quite unusual?

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I have these hand felted items which might fit the bill.


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How about a rag wreath

these are my faves

and this unusual and super-cute cute sock elephant


This is unusual (I think):

I’d like to suggest my ducks, or any of my makes really. They’re all a bit quirky!
I’m going to rephotograph my ducks in particular in the next few days now things have quietened down a bit, so hopefully the product shots will be better!


A piece of art created using heat tools and hot wax. The feedback I get says people find my art a talking point as they are amazed it’s created in wax paints.

You can even watch me paint in hot wax as I have demonstrations on my website.

how about some original art, with this sweet smiling sugarskull chap :smile:


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Not just for dolls …

Hi, maybe you would like to consider one of my felt necklaces. The felt is made in the UK and the button (at the back of this one ) is handforged by my husband from stainless steel.

Green circle and Red star felt necklace

A striking red and green felt necklace with two layers, one with stars and one with circles.

The necklace is secured with a hand forged stainless steel button at the back of your neck. You can adjust the length of the necklace by gently easing the felt through the button. There is added interest at the back with two strands of felt with smaller circles to decorate them. This is the ideal necklace for a statement backless dress, creating an amazing and unique focal point.

I have other felt necklaces for sale. Each one is individually made, a combination of the tactile texture of the felt contrasting with the smooth polished stainless steel of the button.

The stars measure 5.5cms across.

This felt is 100% wool manufactured in the UK, 3mm thick.

If you would like a particular colour combination for your necklace, or specific style for your necklace please get in touch and I will do my best to assist you.

My necklaces coordinate with the bags and purses that I make. To complete your accessories please take a look at the other items in my shop.

Can I suggest my ‘did that really used to be a bottle?’ vases?


How about a Worm. The perfect present for someone who has everything (else :slight_smile: )
Actually not quite as silly as it looks. I made myself one first and it’s been hanging outside my front door for about 5 years now, safely tucked in against the wall so it doesn’t get banged about in the wind. Been there so long I forget it’s there !

Alternatively I have a rather odd suncatcher - a Lobster. Not my most popular item but someone asked me to make one so I did and then made another, this one. Surely someone out there would like a bright red lobster hanging in the window ?

PS when I had finished the first one I realised I had a problem - it was the most phallic suncatcher I’ve ever seen. Took quite a bit of work to convert it into someting a little more tasteful. The one for sale here has been completely redesigned :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have a ladybird anf a snail garden rock. Like Joy, both were commissions that I have recreated and they have proved popular! I can do pretty much anything on these rocks - just ask! These can be quite heavy so anything over 2kg is going to be dispatched by courier. UK and Europe only please.

And here is a snail

How about my aluminium and wire creations, handmade from scratch using aluminium plate, wire, alcolhol ink, beads and buttons

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