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Abstract artwork

(Stephanie Guy) #1

It’s taken me many years to come around to liking abstract art, mostly, I think, because I never really understood it. A few weeks ago I took a workshop in cubism and have been thoroughly drawn into the abstract world.

I thought it would be really interesting to share our abstract pieces here and give a brief explanation of the hows, whys and wherefores.

I’ll start:

Cubism is a fascinating artform created firstly by drawing lines on the paper (in this case I drew 6 circles and two straight lines). The subject is drawn next - every time the subject meets one of the pre-drawn lines it jumps along the line. the resulting shapes are then painted in any colours you choose. See if you can follow the lines of my parakeet!

(Samantha Stanley) #2

I love your parakeet Stephanie! I often wondered about cubist art and how it worked and now I know. It sounds like fun, so I might try some myself and see what happens :smile:

Love Sam :fish:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Love it, so colourful and fun!

(Brenda Cumming) #4

that takes me back to doing the squiggles on paper at school and colouring in all the sections…going on from that, people now do zentangles and zendoodles which is very therapeutic.
I have a lot of books on abstract painting which I love but I still have to get to grips with it properly…
I am not sure about cubism as I don’t really like rules (in art or anything…lol)…if someone tells me that I MUST do something in a certain way, then I instantly don’t want to do it…the rebel in me…but THAT is what being an artist is all about…(I think)
I will watch with interest to see what others post on this thread.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

I had a couple of photos of some cubist style art that I did for A level art, but think they are still on my old laptop. I sort of enjoyed it, and will probably try it again at some point, but just haven’t got the time at the moment :slight_smile:

This link gives a very good definition of cubism:

(Stephanie Guy) #6

That’s a really interesting article Sara, thanks for sharing it. Clearly the cubist workshop I attended was very simplified!

(Marg) #7

I love Henry Moore’s scuptures in the cubism form, the disjointed body shapes for example, and the materials he worked in. I am not artistic but I can appreciate cubism in all its forms.

(jamescooper) #8

Its looking cool! Actually I really like to use different color as like the above artworks!