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Daily Art Thread Thursday 3rd April

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

This is the place to show and chat about all things Art …

All welcome, please post pictures of your artwork, all formats welcome and /or chat about whats on display or Art in general …

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

I will start us off today showing some Sweet Peas

This picture is mounted in an acid free conservation board cream mount at 10x12 inches and ready to frame …

(Trevor Harvey) #3

Good morning Hazel and all who follow - lovely picture and congratulation on three years of Art In Wax…

Today I have just listed this 7x5 Giclee print, printed borderless onto 200gsm matte premium grade paper using archival quality inks - the frame’s not included.

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Good morning gang :smile: I’m flying by today, got a busy day ahead.

Gorgeous flowers Hazel and I do love that tram Trevor.

I have nothing new to show today (yet) but these are my faves from my shop

(Trevor Harvey) #5

Morning Stephie, and thanks - lovely warm pictures from you this morning

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

I have been taking some new photos this morning …
Trying out a new staging idea … this is one of the new pictures …
Poppies from my shop, now hard backed and in its cello bag ready for a new home …

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

These are two of the new landscapes that I might be giving away this weekend …

(Trevor Harvey) #8

Nice ones Hazel - seeing them pinned up like that reminds me of the old days of pinning prints up in the darkroom - how I so love digital - I never really did master that darkroom business well enough…

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Fab work everyone, love those sweetpeas Hazel.

(Stephanie Guy) #10

Love your new style photos Hazel, they look lovely against the white panels.

I’ve just got back from a full day at the Lady Lever Gallery - a fascinating place and well worth another visit to look around the whole of Port Sunlight village. In the morning we looked round the Turner exhibition, and in the afternoon I painted this at a workshop:

As you know I love my oils, and this workshop showed me a new way of using them. I particularly like technique we used to blend, it produced a softer look to my normal clean and clear one.

(Margaret Jackson) #11

That’s gorgeous Stephie, looks like you had great fun and I love the colours in your sky!

(Trevor Harvey) #12

That’s good Stephie