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ACEO : Art Card Editions and Originals Collecting and Selling

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

ACEO : Art Card Editions and Originals

I do love painting in miniature and ACEO are great fun, both for painting and collecting, I have a few (by other artists on my shelves in my office) and I know there are lots of collectors and sellers on Folksy, with many different styles of these wonderful miniature works of Art in shops here, so I thought maybe we could have a thread today showing some off …

Please post your new ACEO’s here

Of course I have some new ones to show :wink: wink !!!


Art Chat: January 2015
(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Let’s see your ACEO’s everyone …

@paperchainsandbeads @StephanieGuy @teabreaks @DandelionsGallery @Rozcraftz @ClareSherwen @NOfkantsCurios

(Roz) #3

Love that silhouette Hazel @HazelRayfield. Great idea for a thread :smile:

Here are a few of mine, really must get down to doing a few more

(Bee Skelton) #4

This is a great idea for a thread! If it keeps going I’ll join in when I get down to making some new ACEOs… hopefully this week :smile:

(Phoenixprojects) #5

Is it OK if I join in, too?
I have ACEOs in my shop - here are a couple of examples:

Pam :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

That’s great Bee look forward to seeing yours here :smile:

(Iguana49) #7

Hi I do ACEOs too (papercuts) here are a couple of them.

(Hazel Rayfield) #8

Of course Pam I love your ACEO’s sorry I missed you on the “nudge” list I’m posting from my phone and is so hard to see the names as they do that “pop up thingy” lol

Everyone welcome please post your ACEO’s and please mention / “nudge” others who sell them too :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #9

Thanks Roz :slight_smile: hope it helps spread the word about our minuature works of Art. Love your poppies especially

(Brenda Cumming) #10

a floral fantasy one with glitter from me.

(Roz) #11

You have inspired me…just started work on a couple of new ones but really must go and get all my things together for work tomorrow so will have to complete them later!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #12

I know a lot of us have @teabreaks to thank for introducing us to ACEOs, so ‘thank you!’ Brenda :smile:

Here are a few of mine:

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Great thread! I love seeing all these different ACEOs! :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #14

I haven’t done so well on here with my ACEO’s, I’ve done a lot better on the other site… I may transfer these over when they expire.

(Maxine Veronica) #15

Good morning, I too collect as well as create and sell. I love that ACEO can be in any medium. Here’s a few of mine

(Roz) #16

Just added a new one :smile:

(Phoenixprojects) #17

I’ve added this - a bit of fun and different from my usual style!

(Margaret Jackson) #18

Roz, that poppy is stunning, it would look fabulous mounted and framed!

Pam, your cake looks scrummy, but I think it would make me crave for cake rather than satisfy my need for it!lol

(Phoenixprojects) #19

Oh no! Sorry! It was meant to be a calorie-free alternative!

(Stephanie Guy) #20

Great thread! I have lots of ACEOs in my shop in a variety of styles, Here are a few:

And this is the link to my ACEO collection: