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ACEO advice please

(Roz) #1

Am I right in thinking that an ACEO is any piece of art that measures 2.5" x 3.5". I love these little works of art and was wondering if you can do them in any media - I would love to do some little needle felted pictures and wondered if I can classify them as ACEO’s. Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Hi Roz, yes you’re absolutely spot on, the only stipulation is that they must measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches (either way up).

I have to warn you though, creating them is hugely addictive!

Looking forward to seeing some felt ones from you soon :smile:

(Leslie Morton) #3

As Stephanie says, ACEO’s are a standard size. They are highly collectable and I would suggest you join swap teams (just google ACEO swaps) to grow your sales. They are traditionally done in series and are one of a kind. Good luck with them, they are really fun!


(Maxine Veronica) #4

Roz @Rozcraftz, be prepared to get seriously addicted, I started doing them a few years ago and also started buying and swapping (if you swap they are called ATC’s) and now have a rather large collection!.

I make all types and have even made polymer clay ones. They can be in any medium you choose as long as they measure 2.5 x 3.5, and watch out for the postage too, being so tiny you would expect them go as a standard letter, but if they have embellishments they can go over the maximum thickness and have to go as ‘large’ letter.

look forward to seeing your needle felted ones, here’s an embroidered one I did recently

(Hazel Rayfield) #5

ACEO are great fun, as others have said very addictive, I paint them in hot wax and they are very popular, since I furst found put about them here on folksy 3 years ago I have sold them all over the world. I also own a few of other people’s … They look great on easels and make an affordable way to own unique original art.

So I say go for it :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Definitely go for it, I collect ACEOs and have hundreds already, including a few felted ones. I look forward to seeing yours! :smile:

(Roz) #7

Just a quick additional question. I see via the Internet that it is expected that the artist sign and date the reverse of their ACEO’s. I am thinking of doing some prints of my daughters artwork for her to sell and was wondering if the date should be the date the print was made or the date the original was drawn. Any advice appreciated. :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #8

Just to add, for anyone reading this…IF you swap them, then they are called ATC’s…(artist’s trading cards). ACEO’s are only sold. In essence, they are the same thing but used in different ways.
So to recap…if you want to sell them,…DON’T label them ATC’s or people will think you want to trade or swap.

(Brenda Cumming) #9

Roz…in answer to your question…I tend not to date mine any more…just a personal thing but I found that IF I had an aceo that for some reason had taken a while to sell,( then I sold it,) it looked like it was an OLD item. I just sign the back and I write…“an original painting by Gweddus” OR if a print (which I don’t sell, but do sometimes give as gifts), I write “Print of original by Gweddus”.
You can date the items if you want to and I think I would choose the date that the original was painted.
Good luck with YOUR aceos and those of your daughter.

(Iguana49) #10

Hi Roz, I do papercut ACEOs, and as others have said they are quite addictive. I work in a very small room so smaller types of artwork like this are a lot easier for me!